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The latest button creation


I wish you could add more than 1 photo at a time! This is the largest and most complicated one yet. The mane buttons are all on their sides. Some are quite large and some smaller. It helps with the flow.

Word has gotten out, somehow, about my work. I live in Indiana and have gotten an order from a man in Colorado for a dog! Crazy!

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😍💗❤💚💙💛💌💘💞💖💕💓👍👍🐎🐎Awesomely beautiful!! Sweet Mrsmike. Great job. I love it!😘Blessings--Jazzy💜🌹


You’re horse rendition is awesome, beautiful, breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing! :-D

Looks great 👍 thanks for sharing 🙏🐾😉 Ken 🎃

Mrsmike9buffering you must have spent hours on that. It’s wonferful, I love the way you have used the buttons for the mane, it really works. Well done, word gets around. How are you feeling now? Has your stomach settled down now? Blessings Jimeka 🦋

Yes, my colon is more settled. Of course I'm not really eating anything. You don't put anything in, you don't have to worry about exploding out! This past weekend I ate part of a muffin, 2 granola bars and an English muffin (crumpet for the UK friends). That and lots of water is all I had over both days. I'm just not hungry.

Terrific work, as always! I’m thrilled that your art is in demand!

I'm shocked!

That’s wonderful! I would never have the fine motor ability to do this, esp. buttons on their sides!

That's why I started doing this. To help my fine motor.

Again, I am amazed. You do phenomenal work and you certainly deserve to be paid for one of your creations. You are extremely talented.

You my dear are Fantastic! Very skilled! Creative! Wishing you the very best and Thank You for sharing the beauty You create :)

Take Care of You


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