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HI it's ssdw 1958


I know this has nothing to do with MS but i am home all day. You see I'm home all day

and i have this oak tree that is above my house and it's been dropping acorns on my roof and then i get the random squirrel running back and forth getting the acorns. The other day I thought some one was at the door knocking, it wasn't it was acorns falling off of the tree. You know being at home all day isn't as much fun as people think it is.


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I know all too well what you are talking about, but I keep busy so as to pass the time away. With your safety measures that you mentioned in a prior post, I feel safer despite being alone.

Keep Smiling,


I know how you feel,it’s terrible 😖. When I was fighting Cancer doing chemo and radiation I was in bed twenty three hours a day for two years, ugh 😑. They next year was 4-5 hours a day out of bed 🛏. Didn’t read or watch 📺, it can be so lonely 😭. Prayers are with you 🙏🙏🙏. Hope that things get better 👍. Try to stay positive. 😉🐾 Ken

I’ve been having to use a wheelchair for a few years now & yes it’s not fun in any way being at home! My roommate & my daughter think I get to just go to sleep, which I do at random times in my chair with out me even trying which kind of scares me at times! I do have my daughters dog & cat here with me but they sleep all day too! Ugh I guess with this M.S. anything is possible good or bad!

Being home all day is so boring you can only watch the tv for so long I love NOT when people tell you what I should be doing. Let them be in our shoes for 24 hours. When my husband comes home and I say I slept most of the day he says you probably needed it he gets it he sees me on my good days and bad days.

Happy sleeping 💤

But this is interesting to read! Thanks for letting "US" in!

I can’t stand when people say how “lucky” I am to stay home all day and not work. I would LOVE to return to work, as I feel sure most of us feel. I loved my career. I made a difference in people’s lives. I get so bored, and lonely. To be honest, I get suicidal pretty often. Kelly

Juliew19673 in reply to Amore55

Oh Kelly I'm so sorry your feeling lonely! Your not alone here - were always here in spirit!

And yes, I have a handful of friends that are perplexed I'm not running out to get put on disability insurance. They are on it for stress and I think they are lazy - just do not want the hassle of having to work. When you can't work, it's all you want to do. They could not handle MS.

ssdw1958 in reply to Amore55

I hope you are having a good day today. I know how it feels to feel depressed a it real stinks (I’m trying not to say what it really feels like, if you know what I mean) do you have any one you can talk to. It does help to talk to someone I was feeling really depressed so the time I was on Lyrica and that does make you depressed. I told my older son and he my an appointment for me to talk with his bishop and I did talk with him. I have to tell you it did help me and I also stopped talking that medicine and it takes about a month for it to leave your system. Please find someone to talk to who won’t let others know you need someone who will be help full and will keep it confidential. Believe me you’re not alone. You need to realize right now life may suck but there is a lot of good things left to do.

Have a great day remember keep SMILING KEEP EVERYONE GUESSING why your smiling. 😆 👋😃😎😊👍🙏🎃👌🤟

Awwe Kelly, tell me 'bout it! I understand, there's some days whenever my care-giver/ hubby fight as i really, really hate it!😕 i just get a lil' suicidal, but then i take my deep breaths in & out & Study or Remember passages from Scriipture! If it weren't for my awesome invisible Means of Support Faith & Prayer🙏😍 i don't think I would have made it thus far! I'm Praying for u too sweet friend, remember ur not alone! We'll always be here for u!💗🙏😍😃 & we Love You! Many Blessings for U too...---Jazzy🌹💜

It is even worse when you have no kids friends or nice neighbors. But I'm still here.

Juliew19673 in reply to Menmyms

Yes, now seeing where children would have been helpful. I used to accuse my Parents that they had kids just so that there would be someone to clean. They would smile..

I know Sandra, it can get pretty boring ughh! I also miss working at nursing & helping people, but to pass the time, we don't have cable or sat. Tv, i got all kinds of funny movies i.e. what about Bob, Ground Hog Day, the good one's😂 make me laugh, & play freecell, solitare & Chess on the puter to pass time, & then color & In adult coloring book & nappy! Wow! U got a good hubby there, he does really get it & understanding💗💗💗 Keep him!👍 Well, i hope u can pass the time away better.Love Ya & Blessings🙏💗---Jazzy🌹💜

Thanks he is a keeper but like everyone we too have good and bad days but he is always there for me

That's good to hear, yeah i know bout good & bad dayz!😅😬😜😹 I guess mine's a keeper too, he's alwayz there 4 me too, i think we need to Pray 2-gether more again, kinda miss it💗

Watch out for those squirrels 1 could decide to burrow into your attic or any space big enough for him/her to winter & raise a family. They like insulation & the little buggers chewed thru a screen vent they are as bad as mice & rats.


ssdw1958 in reply to kycmary

Oh I know what those little critters can do we lived in a third story house and one night we heard something running around above us and it wasn’t old St Nick it was a squirrel and it decided to put its little arm through a false beam my husband pushed something through it and that little guy ran out we put shoe polish on and it the land lord had know idea what had happened.same apartment we had another guessed this time it was a bat 🦇 oh great and of coarse I needed to go to the bathroom room what did my husband end up doing he used a walking stick as a baseball bat my husband hit a home run lol. So we know about critters and none have entered the house illegally yet but thank you.

People don't know how it really is & they have no concept Do you have a pastor, minster Or priest that you could talk with? If not call they MS society I think they have a list of people peer to peer or something like that.

got to fix supper I'll be back later. Mary

Ok I'm back ssdw 1958 What state do you live in?

Ha ha ha😂, that would drive me crazy!

Oh those pesky critters we live in the country on a small farm, about 2 weeks ago I kept hearing a noise in the laundry room so I'd creep up to the window & flip the light switch. Finally! I saw it a small possum it had gotten into the garage them into the laundry/ utility room & didn't know how to get out. It took a bit of planning but that bugger was NOT! gonna stay there.

It took about 15 min but he was caught & returned to the great outdoors. I can lol now but then I was afraid it was gonna bite my hubby

ssdw1958 in reply to kycmary

Oh I had something going through our trash and it was maybe around 8pm I heard the trash can cover come off the trash barrel I took my flashlight 🔦 and heard something going up the tree well I say one raccoon then two I got too #5 and shut the window let me tell you these were not little they were at least 12 inches long. This happened at the house we live at now maybe 17 years ago.

I see coons out here quite often, the babies are so cute BUT they are just as dangerous as mom & pop.

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