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I want to curl up and cry


It is just one of those nights I am like a solid 8.5 on the scale. I hurt all over like I actually think it hurts to breathe- no one understands 😞 not my husband, friends, or family. How do you handle being in so much pain and just beat down and really no one gets it? my husband doesn’t get why I tense up when he hugs me or get up at 2am to lay on the couch. I feel so so alone and I know that’s not the case but I can’t help it. How do you shake the blues that come with the pain?

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I'm so sorry you are having such difficulty with pain and the blues that come with yours. The only pain I have these days is neuropathy and its handled by gabapentin and accupuncture.

Have you been prescribed anything?? I know some people swear by CBD oil for pain but I haven't personally tried it. I think there was a discussion here about CBD oil recently.

I'm sure others that have pain will chime in when they see this. It might help if you describe what type of pain since there are multiple types that affect people with MS. Hang in there!

I'm truly sorry your hurting I wish I could say something that would knock the level of pain down. Your not alone in your pain unfortunately the people who knew us when we were healthy can't wrap their heads around the fact that we have a chronic illness they don't "get it" because they don't have "it". We look pretty much normal unless we walk, talk, try to remember....etc.

You are hear with your MS family who do "get it" we can't take your pain away but we will listen and send you strength and Love to get through.

You will be in prayers but please always remember you are not alone.

Take Care of You :)


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Here not hear ....Oops


Soft hugs ktaylor8899 how I wish I could take away your pain! 😕 I know how much it stinks! And I get it! Many of yes do.!

You should make a copy of that chart to show your family 🤔? And see if that helps them understand? 😊 Just an idea.

Talk to your PCP about it, and see about getting on something! Like Raingrrl said some say CBC oil works for them and gabapentin, others say Lyrica, I take tramdol. Much to my neuros dislike! 🤣 I don't care!

Do what you need to and be your own advocate!!🤗💕


14 months ago, my neurologist sent me to a rheumatologist. I had a massive amount of blood work done and the rheumatologist put me on Plaquenil. It’s a lupus/ rheumatoid arthritis drug. I have neither of these but the rheumatologist told me that she had MS patients who had great success on it. It’s not approved for MS. Every single morning, I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a bus. I no longer have that at all. I don’t know if this info helps you at all but maybe a different type of doc could help you too. Good luck. Constant pain just sucks! Don’t give up. There’s help available!!!

I'm very sorry that you are going thru the Pain and I can absolutely uderstand what you are going thru. Because I have had the same thing for along time and it all starts when I wake up I'm taking Gabapentin to help but it doesn't help I was on Amantadine and it worked for awhile but my nero said for me to stop taking it for couple of weeks to see if might be what is causing swelling in my ankles ,feet and legs we shell see.

I got my nero to prescribe me medical marijuana and got my card but here's the kicker I live in Arkansas and it was Passed by Voters in 2016 and was held up by supreme court but it was just settled in court and now if something else does not Stop the dispensaries from opening in Early 2019 I will be able to see how much Marijuana will help with my Pain and Spasity I'm not a Pot head or anything like that but if it Helps I would rather Smoke than take some of these Pharmaceutical drugs that are available. I hope you can also Find some Relief as I need it to and if you need some Support you can call the MSAA and they can maybe be able help you find a Support Group in your area. :)

I belong to one and we meet once a Month. :)

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