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Girls trip and concert.

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Headed to boston yesterdaf with friends. Heading to a concert tonight at Fenway. I’m very excited for this trip but also nervous. With the ms I’m never sure what will happen. Maybe I’ll get tired,hot which I can handle. Just the uncertainty of everything. My friends are great so I know I can say I need to slow down. Just frustrates me that I have to. I’m going to have a great time because I’ve had this planed before by diagnoses and it’s my favorite band.

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Enjoy, forget about the ms 🦋

Was a great show

Pleased that you enjoyed yourself 🦋🍫

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erash in reply to jimeka

Please jimeka give me your method of forgetting about MS. When I try, it jumps up and bites my boot to remind me. It's why I love volunteering, painting and writing -- it's when I'm best able to forget 😊

Take the opportunity to enjoy yourself!

Defiantly enjoyed myself.

Who did u see? Glad u had a good time 😊😊😊😊

I hope u had a marvelous time!

Got to live your life even with the potential challenges.

Hope you had a great time at the concert!

You're not alone. A lot of people with MS feel that way about venturing

out but you're lucky that you're with friends who understand.


Happy to hear that you went out and had a Great time !

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