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Made it through the Rose Parade trip

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A really busy five days in the LA area. Was a chaperone for my daughter’s marching band trip to the Rose Parade (a cold cold morning today), helped prepare 120 uniforms with 14 fresh roses each on New Year’s Eve, got to see a few sites, including the Santa Monica pier and Griffith Park observatory. I appreciate your advice before I left and kept it in my mind throughout. I’m tired but made it through (still have to fly back tomorrow).

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Aww, what a lovely photo. So pleased you made it. What memories you have now in your memory bank. When you get back, rest up and relax, Blessings Jimeka 🦋

Good to hear you had a great time

It was a beautiful day and parade looked great. I'm glad you survived!

That’s wonderful news! What an accomplishment!

Sounds like you had a blast!

I went to the Rose Parade as a child and I still remember the beautiful smell as the floats went by. You have created a lovely memory for yourself and your daughter!

Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip. The photo looks like 2 were having a blast.

You lucky duck! sounds fun and what a great picture! do what you can while you can and that may be forever for you!

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I’ve been keeping that in mind for the last 20 years. I’m extremely grateful that I’ve been able to do most things that I’ve wanted to with my kids (something my mother who had MS wasn’t able to do).

So glad you had fun! Great photo 😁❤


Hooray for you, and what wonderful, lasting memories made for you and your daughter. Get lots of rest when you get back!

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