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Posting Hints


Here are just a couple of hints for posting and responding to posts. When you wish to start a new thread, click on the "Write" button on the right of your screen. That begins a brand new post to which people can respond. Starting a new post is the way to start a discussion about a new topic.

When responding to a post, it's best to respond within that thread, rather than beginning a new post. Most folks won't know to what you are responding if you begin a brand new post which was really meant to be in response to a previous post. We can respond to the writer of a post by looking under the post to where we see "Respond to …" Click in the empty space in the box, and you may then begin typing your response.

Also, it helps to alert the writer of a post by using "@" followed immediately by the poster's name. The name will then appear in blue or show up in a list of names from which to choose. Click on the correct name, and the person you are responding to will receive an email notification that you responded to their post.

I hope I'm making sense because I'm not computer-savvy at all.

Thanks to everyone for contributing and responding. We feel much more connected when we communicate with one another. I'm so grateful for you all.

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ah yes it does seem to make sense to me, so thank you very much.

Thanks for the info.


Awesome! |and well written. your post was needed with so many new folk joining our ranks ;) ~terry

Makes total sense greaterexp Thanks for posting this for all the newbies and a reminder to everyone else ;)



Thanks for the wonderful reminder! 🤗💕


Thanks for that info. I'm so not too great with technology!!

Thank God for friends like y'all!

I so appreciate every single one of y'all and all the information everyone has. It's so helpful to me, thank you!!!

greaterexpCommunityAmbassador in reply to Kellyj44

We're grateful for you, too!

Great explanation!

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