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Being a pleasant person

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Hmm, smile in the mirror, be nice to yourself.

Hmm, smile at somebody else, be nice to them.

Hmm, just smile, laugh at ms remember much as you may not believe it all the time, You yes YOU CAN & WILL DO IT. You may not achieve total victory, but u can and should achieve a detente. Know yourself, it may take time but knowing yourself will give you so much power & strength that you never realized u had. but IS within you.

Let it come out, flourish and GROW. Within all of us is a strength a courage a fortitude to stand or sit, straight up & know that I CAN, IWILL, I DO I AM and I WILL.

Be pleasant & be strong, be true to you always.


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Thank you! I will!!


Totally agree smile, laugh help others smile and laugh being able to achieve this is beneficial to everyone.

Thank you Royce you make me smile in agreement with your words.

Take care of you and a smile goes out to you :)


to you as well.

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