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I'm Baaccckk!


Hello gang it's Fancy1959 letting you know I'm back. My old notebook kind of died and with it died my Access to Health unlocked. It wouldn't let me sign in, it lock me out and I spent the last 10 days maybe 12 trying to fix it. Thank the heavens for the administrators and the health unlocked administrators because they got me fixed today. So I'm back and glad to be so! I missed you all and I felt like I lost many of my dearest friends. Fancy.

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Welcome back Fancy. We missed you.

glad you are back Fancy1959

Glad you finally able to get back in Fancy1959 Was wondering where you had been!



We’re so glad you’re back!


Bout time Woman! Fancy1959 😂🤣😂

I wondered where u went!! Glad to have u back

Welcome back, Fancy! You were sorely missed!

So very glad you are back. Your wise input was missed.

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