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Can Do MS programs for those in the US

A free one-day JUMPSTART Program.

This educational and interactive program enables people with MS and their support partners to learn the knowledge, skills, and tools to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors and actively co-manage their MS.

Presentation and Workshop Topics:

Goal Setting and Motivation


Diet and Nutrition

Support Partner Workshops

This JUMPSTART Program is presented by Can Do MS, in collaboration with the National MS Society.

For more information regarding this JUMPSTART Program, visit mscando.org/JUMPSTART.

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Thank you for posting rjoneslaw I sure hope many of these locations and date will be accessible for many of our members. Including our partners/caregivers is so important so they can be most patient, understanding and helpful to us! Good to see you on here, haven't seen you for a while.



I asked and I was told they will have something in place for people. The one in IL the campus is large plus the parking lot is like a football field and don't let me forget to mention the four lane street that you have to cross.

Imagine walking slower than a turtle. I would have to leave 5 days prior to the event to get there on time. Just saying

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Awesome info! Thanks rjoneslaw wish there was one by me!😊

J 🌠

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