Welcoming Advice Regarding Housing: Senior (55+) Apartments vs. Independent Living vs. Assisted Living for Underage/Disabled- Medicare?

Welcoming Advice Regarding Housing: Senior (55+) Apartments vs. Independent Living vs. Assisted Living for Underage/Disabled- Medicare?

Hi There,

I am inviting (and would LOVE) input from individuals who have experienced the various avenues to receive help. (self, family, friends, etc)

Do you know someone who was helped? Can you please share a bit about the process?

Who can assist? How? What role can/does Physician play? Financial aspect? Medicare? Individual States/Across the board? Etc.

With Immense Gratitude...

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  • Cynthia1111 i wish I could help, but being from the uk, I don't know about things in the States, but I love the photo, beautiful shot. All the best, I am sure someone on here can help you. Blessings Jimeka πŸ¦‹ 🌈

  • Thank you so much jimeka, appreciate the reminder. Silly brain. ;)

    Thanks for the compliment on photo too. He was so cute, and such an attentive listener! ;)

    I will look forward to hearing from others in the states.

    Hugs! Happy Eve! (day?) ;))))

  • Cynthia1111 I don't remember who, but within the last month, in a response to another topic, someone had said that they had gathered tons of info on this topic. I suggested that they start a post to share the info. jimeka Jesmcd2 anyone? remember who this was.

  • Cynthia1111 , I've lived in HUD rental housing since 1983, and I was 43 at that time. Project-based Section 8 HUD apartments were available to disabled people under age 62 at that time but I understand that many of the buildings no longer accept people under the retirement age--which leaves younger people with MS out of luck. There may still be some buildings that do accept them, however. It's worth a look. You'd need to know which buildings you'd like to apply to, put your name on a wait list, and wait maybe a long time. In some states I've heard of people waiting 10 years! I believe that a wait of 1-3 years is more common. You don't need a Section 8 voucher for project-based Section 8 housing, where your rent is 30% of your income, and your out-of-pocket medical expenses can often be deducted from your income, lowering your rent. These are independent-living apartments but there may be units of other types available. The ones I know about have been independent-living. You get an apartment with its own bath and kitchen in a building that often has a resident manager. The apartments are often quite nice though small.

  • Wonderful info. Thank you so much. So great to hear of individual experiences with various programs, as trying to understand the sea of programs has overwhelmed me. My cognitive challenges have made it too difficult for me to navigate all of the resources, calls, emails, etc...

    I believe this is what my Mother started out with. She did luck out, thankfully, as she was really struggling. Newer, smaller, nice- community based building, near small shopping center, on site manager- 911 emergency button in each apt. Some 62 and up say- no go- some 55+ say yes...Financially- my disability didn't qualify...

    So far, I haven't found an option- I am hopeful and will keep looking. I was informed to have a specific kind of Social Worker to help me- that's what I require now. Too challenging to navigate all resources on my own. Crazy (and sad) for one who used to so enjoy doing research, and make connections for others.

    Small is lovely, I welcome small- cute, quaint, easy to keep clean, less room to crawl if need be- find anything you are looking for- and, hopefully, less of, "How did that get there?" ;)))))))

    I count my blessings to have a roof over my head, the luxury of a bathroom, running water, the (necessity) of a tub and AC...

    I celebrate each moment, each breath, and every connection...

  • Hi Cynthia1111 I'm trying to remember who had that post. Maybe it was rjoneslaw ? Ugh sry!πŸ˜€

    You said you had a social worker helping you already? If not, MSAA might be able to help with that. Or check out, nationalmssociety.org they might help also.😊

    Jes 🌠

    I'm sure someone here remember!!!πŸ’•

  • Thanks much! I do not have the Social Worker yet. Will have a few calls coming in- and a few more tests- may be a bit delayed due to the snow.

    I will definitely reach out to MSAA however. Love their work! .😊.😊.😊

    Sadly, I haven't had much luck with NMSS following through on phone calls, or return emails- even when they planned it. I will have to pass on this one.

    Have a beautiful day! πŸ’•

    Hugs, Love and Light

  • @cynthia111 @jesmcd2

    I never had anything on housing but maybe you can contact the dept of human services( DHS), hud, and if your city has a dept that has an office that specifically works with the elderly and disabled

  • Cynthia1111 , your mother may very well have been in HUD housing. My mother was too! In the 1970s she was in a lovely HUD apartment in AR, and when she moved to CA she had a wait of at least a year but finally got into another very nice apartment there. She even had a patio of her own in the second one. It was from her that I found out about this type of housing. You have to find the buildings you think you'd like to live in and apply and then be willing and able to wait but for me it was well worth a wait, both times. I lived for 28 years in HUD rental housing in WA and now for 8 years in OR.

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