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As many of you know, I spend 4 days this week in a psych unit because I have been having uncontrollable rage and it upset me so much I wanted to commit suicide. I give all praise to God that I told someone and my family took me to the hospital.

I met w my Neuro today, who went over all the test, etc. I am having complex partial seizures. Thank God, that I have an answer, that it can be treated, and I have new hope. Isn't it wild to be thankful for seizures??? But I am!!!!

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  • Thank God you are ok Karen-x, it's a big relief having heard from you. I am pleased they now know what is wrong, but have they told you what is causing the seizures? Where would we be without hope. Big, hug, and big blessings, Jimeka 🦋 🌈 🙏 🤗

  • MS has caused the seizures. Apparently about 10% of MS patients are as lucky as me.

  • You learn something new every day, I pray that they can control them for you. Keep enjoying every moment like you were, 🤗

  • I'm Glad you recognized your situation and got help, I'm happy you made the right choice! I'm with you in that 10% who are blessed enough to get seizures, I had one 9 days ago and I haven't recovered yet. You take care and get better!

  • Wow Kevin, so nice to know i not alone!! Do you ha e clonic-tonic or complex partial like me? I hope you recover soon.

  • Karen-x it is nice to know on a rare symptom like this, we aren't alone! I have the Clonic-Tonic type, they get violent sometimes so I take Ativan. Thank you it has been a long 9 days!

  • Kevin_McMillan, praying you recover fully from your recent seizure. Sorry to hear you also suffer from this 'rarer' MS symptom. 💕

  • Tutu, Thank you very much! My Dad suffered from Agent Orange related cancer(Multiple Myeloma), I believe it is the passing on of the AO that has made this so chronic. Thanks again. 🤗

  • Kevin_McMillan Kevin, just curious...what, if any, dmt do you use?

  • Karen-x I was on Copaxone but it wasn't working, I then was put on Tecfidera. I then got really sick from it. After pulling teeth from a rhino, the Neuro took me off of it. I was on Copaxone 3x week but it was wasnt working and i think it started making me sick too. Im on nothing now.

  • I read that copaxone can cause seizure....hmmmm

  • I think all the meds can, they are poison. I had my fist one before I was any DMT. They have been gradually getting worse.

  • Karen-X, it's Fancy1959. I second Jimeka's opinion that thank God you trusted your instincts and cried out for help. This disease/monster is so complex and attacks each of us so differently you have just proven that we need as individuals never to ignore any symptoms, especially the severe ones. I have had some activity that never grew in full fledge seizures but were scary nun the least. I had episodes where I just passed out unexpectedly and the neurologist I was seeing at the time pointed toward seizures for an explanation. It was when I was still working full-time and I was under an immense amount of stress with my job. When these spell started I went the neuro quickly and then after his assessment, I immediately quit work. I have not had any other episodes and don't think they will be relevant as long as I remember to keep my stress level low.

    Remember we are just a click away if you need to talk. Please take care and keep in touch and let us know how it's going. Remember together we are stronger!

  • Karen-x, hurrah and then some! It's such a relief to know you are feeling better and have an understanding of what was going on. Tell your family "thank you" from all of us here for taking such good care of you.

  • AGREE with greaterexp ! Thank you and everyone else for making sure you're okay!

  • I will tell them! 😊😚

  • KAREN-x I am so glad that everything is looking much better, I have been putting the group in my prayers you will be getting an extra one. I am also glad that your family listen to you. Have a great day!

  • Karen-x sending you blessings for health and happiness 💕

  • Wow, Karen-x , I know that must have been frightening. I am glad you found out what was causing it though and that you told family so they could help you get the answers.

  • So glad you are getting some answers. I'm sure that between the Neuro and other Drs. you'll be able to receive help. Don't forget your MS family here loves you❤️ We are here for you😊

  • We sure do Karen-x ! CalfeeChick is right-we do love you and are so glad people listened and helped!

  • Karen-x, you were missed those days, but not forgotten. You continue to be in my prayers. So thankful you are okay and the doctors were able to determine the cause. 💕

  • Wow. I too have siezures from MS I went through some serious rage issue a few years ago. It scared me I wanted to be hospitalized and they refused to take me. I thought it was because the doctor put me on gabapentin and I thought it wasn't mixing with The lamotrigine. But I was never told seizures could be the cause of the rage. Interesting

  • Read about simple partial seizures.

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