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TurbMed photo #2

TurbMed photo #2

Almost a year old now. The only place it touches is the calf just below your knee. No pressure at all. Has allowed my achelli’s and calf to stenghten along with thigh. I adjusted it so my foot is tuned in a little towards inside. Allows you to be able to push gas or brake easily. So much better than the insert shoe kind. I can post more photo’s if wanted 🤷🏼‍♂️👍😉Ken

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Looks good Kenu my AFO is coming tomorrow so will let u know how things are. Also still waiting for a bed and my little leather rucksack is all packed and ready x


Yes please more photos. I just looked at them for the first time online from earlier posts. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. There are the electric shock ones and there was a YouTube video of one woman with a severe drop foot who put on one and started running on pavement with no elbow or knee pads. I'm sorry but that was bullcorn. You don't have that confidence that you won't face plant just because.


We contacted TurboMed yesterday for my husband. We researched their site. One question: I was wondering how long have you had foot drop? Because the review at their site said that FS3000 was probably not for people who had poor balance. Of course, foot drop can create "poor balance". I would like your experience. Thank you, Mary


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