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Home from my Chiro :)

Went for my 2 week appointment, and of course every year Medicare wants an assessment every year to make sure that you still need to be going. Anyway, when I was talking to my Chiro about my Neuro appointment and I told him I need to switch because of how he treats his patients, he asked who I saw, he asked who I saw. When I told him it was Dr. Wald...he said 'oh'. I was like 'so you have heard some things, and he said 'he has heard some things'. Yup, defiantly time to change next year. Also my neighbors had commented when I had run into them in the lobby when we there for my boyfriends appointment for his Neuro for seizures earlier in the year.


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bxrmom they say that change is as good as a rest, keep us posted blessings Jimeka 🎄


It’s good to have a doctor you feel comfortable with. That is so important. Keep us posted.


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