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Merry joyful Christmas!

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Didn't think I could do it, but pushed through the pain and got it done! Took all day, lots of stops, but traditions are so important to me! In spite of his knee pain, Frank put up 3 strands of outside lights. We will keep going with our boots on, until we stop dead in our tracks (figure of speech lol). Merry Christmas to one and all, and a blessed, peaceful 2018.

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Thank you for the Christmas greeting. It helps me for sure. We all have our battles besides MS and everyone here sure helps me feel like I am a member of a great big family! Blessings, Lynn

Beautiful ! Well done to both of you ! Wishing you all the best for Christmas and New Year too x

agapepilgrim oh, well done. The tree looks beautiful, a sign of everlasting life. I hope that you and Frank can enjoy this Christmas season. Many blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈 🎄 🤗 🍫

Awww lovely pic and lovely tree im putting my Xmas stuff up today if i don't I think my mum will haunt me lol x

I love your Christmas spirit but NO falling it will not make for any fun. We are waiting for the snow here in the North East I will be wrapping presents 🎁 today.

Have a merry Christmas

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Fantastic good for you! Merry Christmas

"He died with his boots on " I just watched Second Hand Lions again and I have never heard anybody using that saying other than in that film. You have a beautiful tree! If anybody out there hasn't seen that movie it's great. Not even one swear word. Thanks for sharing that picture. It reminds me of home.

Beautiful tree. Glad you made it thru your pain. If not for my grandkids I don’t know if we would have done much. But thanks to them we are still decorating. Merry Christmas my friend and God bless.

Praying for a pain free year for you and all of us who suffer with chronic pain.


Wow! That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. And Merry Christmas too you!

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