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Our son and daughter-in=law came to visit in late October and both were just getting over upper respiratory infections, then my husband got a flu shot and of course got the flu, so naturally I ended up catching it, too. It really wasn't even that bad, but OMG, how the MS moved in and took over my entire body! I could not move my legs as they felt that they each weighed 10 lb; I couldn't move my arms, and I cold barely speak. Five days in bed because I just couldn't stay awake. I didn't start feeling human again until the day before Halloween. Then I realized that neither the walker nor the cane was doing me any good as I leaned too heavily on them with my hands which hurt my shoulder and arms. So I started trying to walk without them and it was like learning to walk all over again. As most of you know, it's hard to walk when you can't feel your feet. But it was going well for short distances until on Saturday I fell right into an open built-in cabinet. Half of my body was in there! I heard breaking glass and everything was flying. My eyeballs felt like they were rolling around in my head! My poor husband was frantic and asking what he could do and I told him to just wait until my eyes stopped rolling around and I could get my proprioception back, because I had no idea if I was upside down, sideways or what. Finally, with a lot of slow deep breaths, my body settled down and I realized that I was lying prone. So he helped pull me out of the cabinet. After a few minutes I was able to turn on my side and sit up, and then he helped me up. I smashed the left side of my face and my right inside of the knee. I put ice on them right away so they didn't swell too much, but I had to cover my face with make-up and my knee is still sore. Also wrenched my back, neck and shoulders. So today I am back on the walker because my balance is still really off. But, I am back going to the gym and the therapy pool, and back riding my horse! He and I have a great bond; he is very playful, but if he senses that I'm not feeling good, he is really on his very best behavior. Finally got some applications in for a service dog, but they are long and difficult to complete. The wait time averages around 5 years. But I think that's what will help the most, if I am still even able to be mobile by that time! My rescued pit bulls are turning 13 in January, and they are not trained but they do try to help. when I do fall, Molly, the brindle female one, comes and licks my face, and Shadow, the larger male black one, stands by me and lets me use his back for support as I try to get myself up again. Dogs are just so intuitive! That's why I adore them so much!

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So sorry that you had that nasty fall, sure am glad your hubby was there to help you. I love your doggies, especially your pretty brindle girl. I just love that brindle coloring.. Feel better soon, safe travels to Orlando!


I’m sorry to read of your fall. It is very scary when you are falling because and don’t know how or what you’re going to fall on. I had fallen two years ago my cane didn’t land on the rug i landed on the floor and slipped out and I went down on my knees one leg in the house and the other one outside you know it’s going to be bad and you screeming before you are on the floor. In that week I fell a total of three times the last One i ended up in the ER I got two staples in my head. Becareful


Sukie427 another fall to chalk up, but at least it hasn't stopped you. You got straight out there and rode your horse, that's a blessing in itself. Your dogs look real trusting, you can tell they are loved. Hope the face heals and that you have a good family visit in Orlando. Your granddaughter is beautiful. Hope the operation goes well for your daughter in law. Happy thanksgiving blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈 🦃 ✈️


I’m impressed that you went to the gym and literally got back on the horse! I find it hard just to leave the house this week after a mild relapse.

I had my first fall after tripping on one of my toddlers toys and it scared me but luckily didn’t hurt me!

And dogs are amazing. I hope you get your service dog sooner than 5 years. That would be such a help I imagine.


Can I suggest you both avoid flu jab in future. It does not sound like it is doing you much good.


Sukie427 I'm so sorry to read of your recent fall. I'm so sorry this happened to you, glad your hubby was right there to help you. Dogs are amazing helpers and nurses. Glad you were able to get back up on the horse. Maybe a walker is needed for the future to prevent falls?

Gentle hugs,


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