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Hello new friends!

I am brand new to your community and I look forward to giving and receiving hope, encouragement and support! I was officially diagnosed with MS in August (2017) after many years of pain and suffering due to not being able to find a neurologist who would take our insurance and confirm a diagnosis. But, thanks to my caring, persistent PCP and the blessing of meeting a compassionate MS specialist (from outside our state) at a seminar who agreed to see me on her own, I am now finally on my way to receiving treatment! (I had injection site reactions to the first treatment choice, so I'll be starting a different DMT very soon.)

Until next time...

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Hello and Welcome gaylaortega 😊 So Very glad to hear that you found someone! It must have been a hugh relief!

Please feel free to jump in at anytime!

Jes 🌠👻

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gaylaortega in reply to Jesmcd2

Yes, it was a HUGE relief, in more ways than one! It was quite difficult and wearing to constantly use what little energy I had to continue pursuing the help I needed for the last few years and then to also finally get an "official" diagnosis and know that I wasn't losing my mind. I am very grateful that I didn't give up and was very proactive in educating myself, as I continue to do.

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Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to gaylaortega

gaylaortega please feel free to jump in at anytime! 💕 We are all Family Here!😄

Jes 🌠👻

Sorry 😐 to hear that you have MS but glad you are on this site. It is a good place to see how others are doing with there treatments and daily life. You do have to remember we are not doctors because but we do have ini site in how medicines work for us but may Work differently for you I started taking Ocrevus and I finished with my second dose two weeks ago. Still not sure 🤔 how it’s doing the weather has been changing barametric pressure does a job on the muscle above my knees. Does the weather effect your joints.

Well you have a good day!

Happy Halloween 🎃


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gaylaortega in reply to ssdw1958

Yes, the weather does seem to effect my joints, but not as badly as the heat and humidity can effect me overall. (I live in NM.) I was on Betaseron for 6 weeks, gradually building up the dosage, when I began have injection site reactions. So, my MS specialist & I agreed to give Aubagio a try, which should be as soon as all the paper work is completed and submitted. So, hopefully very soon...

Well it’s good to hear you found a doctor who will listen to you and Work with you that is a battle in it’s self. The heat also does a job on me. You should look 👀 into the MS society web site I am sure you could get a cooling vest from them. There are magazines you can also get they do give good topics to read about. They also have a web site.

Bye for now.

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gaylaortega in reply to ssdw1958

Thank you ssdw1958. Will check into that.

Hello and welcome....

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gaylaortega in reply to Royjr

Thank you, Royjr. So good to know that there is such a big MS family out there for help, support and encouragement.

Glad to meet you gaylaortega ! Hope you find something that helps you.

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gaylaortega in reply to Morllyn

Thnx, Morllyn. I look forward to that, as well.

Welcome, gaylaortega!! You have found a place to vent and ask for or offer advice. I hope you become an active member and we get to know you better.

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gaylaortega in reply to SueAB

Thnx, SueAB. I look forward to that, as well.

gaylaortega, I’m glad you found us, though I wish we didn’t have MS as a reason to be here. How delighted I was to read about not only what you hope to receive, but what you hope to offer! Great attitude! I think you’ll find lots of support and encouragement here.

Yes, I agree. I look forward to conversing more with you all.

Welcome (sorry you have the admission requirements) Everyone is great here!

Thank you and I am finding that to be true!

Welcome gaylaortega 😊

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gaylaortega in reply to erash

Thanks, erash!


Thank you, Brindisi1

Welcome gaylaortega. Hope and pray you get the help you need. God's Peace

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gaylaortega in reply to Yooper

Thanks so very much, Yooper. I'm hoping and praying for the same.

Welcome, gaylaortega

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gaylaortega in reply to Eleyne92

Thanks so much, Eleyne92. (BTW: love the photo of Grinny)

gaylaortega Welcome to the group! Glad you finally found someone that can help you and accepts your insurance. It is very frustrating when doctors will not listen to you. Look forward to chatting soon.


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gaylaortega in reply to bxrmom

Thnx, Jessie. Same here :)

@gaylaortega Welcome tothe group. They are a great bunch and very helping.

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gaylaortega in reply to cljones

Thnx, cljones. Yes, finding that to be very true :)

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Good afternoon Mymarcus2010 and welcome to this amazing chat room from Fancy1959. I am so sorry that you are having such difficulty with your MS. You've come to the right place because we promised here to make this a safe place for you to come. you are always welcome to come and ask questions, voice concerns, or simply speak to others who truly understand what you're going through. Do you know what stage of MS you have been diagnosed at. And have you been on any other DMTs or perhaps I should call them there long name disease-modifying Therapies? There are many choices available today and just start reading about different treatments people are on in the chat room to look for ideas that might help you ask your doctor questions that are relevant to your MS. If you know the answers to the questions I posed to you please reply and then perhaps I can give you different ideas to talk to your doctor about . We are glad you have found this and can't wait to get to know you better. I'm sure there is much we can learn from each other. Until we speak again please take care and remember together we are stronger! Fancy.

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