Concussions & MS

Interesting article which discusses a large study on this issue. As someone who had several serious bumps on the head when I was fairly young I have been curious about this ever since I was diagnosed.

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  • Interesting article for sure. I have had at least 2 good

    Knocks on the noggin in the last maybe 30 years & a few very serious bicycling accidents. One accident cracked my helmet in 4 places. I never lost consciousness. I was never tested for concussion, I wondered about the incidence of surgeries that required general anesthesia vs MS.

  • CalfeeChick as someone whose had many surgeries that requires anesthesia I'm curious and that relation myself.


  • BillD999 , this interested me too. I had two head injuries in adolescence--one at about 11, the other at 13, lost consciousness both times. I still have scars from those.

  • BillD999 I've been wondering how many of us have had a head trauma incident and how long afterward we were diagnosed. My incident resulted in a fractured skull. I was diagnosed 9 years later. Interesting article. Thanks for sharing it.

  • This does keep reminding me of head injuries l’be had along life’s path. I was just earlier reminded of one as a child & your comment reminded me of one in my late 30’s that caused slight hearing loss☹️ Getting more interesting as we each make comments.

  • Hmmmm... I had 2 serious concussions in college... hmmm

  • BillD999 good article Bill, thank you. I had a serious fall off my horse, never to wear a riding hat again, until the day I fell off 14 years ago. My sister insisted I wore my hat as I had never ridden the horse before, so yet again I come off, haven't worn a riding hat since. Then i had another serious head injury when I was 18, MS was diagnosed 8 years ago now, I am now 61. Anyway good see you on the forum again and again with a helpful, interesting article. Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

  • I had a concission exactly 1 year before diagnosis. I started having symptoms RIGHT after head trauma

  • Interesting article BillD999, thank you. From my own experience I never had any concussion or blow to the head.

    I seem to be the anomaly when it comes to these studies. For instances there's one study that said people with high sodium diets are more likely to get MS. And here I was way before I had MS watching my sodium, for the most part keeping it around 1500mg a day(with an occasional restaurant meal) as the American Heart Assoc. recommends. Then there's the smoking study, I don't smoke, etc. Go figure!

  • It’s all interesting for sure.

  • , thanks for a very interesting. I remember running full force and hitting my head on the sliding glass door but I was already in my 30s. I was diagnosed with a concussion (my first one) and not long after I started my 27-year journey with chronic hemiplegic migraines. I just had another concussion recently but it appears that nothing happened from it. But of course, I wasn't a kid when these occurred.

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