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MS and a Crazy Woman Water: at Albertsons...

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Moving is going.Me and husband have both broken down.45 min to an hour one way and we both sat in the middle of the house and cried.Joy...thankfulness, and we are old and hurt.It is wonderful to share that with you and him.It is more than crazy.Now I'm just throwing the things I can away..feels great.I am learning.Found this water at Albertsons..they don't have one for men or kids...just woman but does explain me today.If I drink it am I than crazy I thought or can I use it as excuse?The woman behind me at the cashier grabbed it and said..I want this!So tired things have now gotten from serious to delirious...oh that rhymes!Happy weekend to all! Moved out by tues....this next week...Lesson learned...never do more than you should, it can wait...or be done differently or by someone else.You are never alone.

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jackiesj you are becoming one wise woman with this move. All the best, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

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jackiesj LMHO!! Gotta find that one!! Becoming more crazy by society’s standards every day!! I love your motto: going from serious to delirious! If only the world would accept us in our state instead of insisting I need counseling! I accept all the trauma troubles and trials - no worries! As on Lion King and as in Oliver as he prances on top of cars dragging wieners “why should I worry, why should I care” that life isn’t the way I expected. To all who has been praying for me, I have crawled out of my cave and the Son is shining brightly! If I can’t find insurance that. gives me coverage I can afford meds, then I will just be leaning on my Lord more than ever. “ Joy cones in the morning” and I am so praising God!

Good luck with the move jackiesj. Once you're out of the old house and your stuff is in the new house, things are so much better! Who cares how long it takes you to set up the new house?? We've been in our new home 3 1/2 months now. The main floor looks great. The upstairs- not so much. The basement hasn't been touched yet. Who cares? We obviously don't. We're enjoying getting to know our new neighbors and the new community. Stay hydrated 😂 and try not to overdo it!

jackiesj , when my husband and I moved from FLA to AZ, I made a rule: if we hadn't seen it or used it in the last 6 months, out it went. We took so many bags and boxes to Goodwill and Salvation Army and Women in Distress and Dress For Success! I refused to get to the point where I felt like dropping. We were still doing last minute packing when the movers came!

jackiesj I totally understand. When we moved I threw away so much stuff my wife's still mad at me. Lol. I'm a firm believer that if you don't need it right now throw it away. Why move more than you need. Good luck moving and remember to rest when you can and don't overdo a act crazy like I did. Good luck my friend.


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