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The Way Things Can Be

The Way Things Can Be

I ran across this on facebook. Though I already know this, it is nice to be reminded. I know my future can be whatever I want to create. Ever notice the concept of "how things could have been" would never really "have been" ? It is a mind trick that only causes pain. Time to choose, though not having MS is not an option yet, however, the future us yet to be created.

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Yes, we all should keep that in mind. As long as we're able it's best to focus on "the way things can be", and to see the cup as half full, even though the cup is a lot smaller than it used to be and may have lot's of cracks.


sure helps to make life just a tad easier to live with.


Thank you for the beautiful reminder, Ms-Indestructible. I get stuck on 'the way things were' when I'm having a pity party. I try hard not to have them too often. (And I know I'm dating myself when I can hear Barbra Streisand sing the song with that same title. Now I won't be able to get it out of my head. 😉)


Be kind to yourself, Pity Parties are good to help relieve the pain, just don't turn them into a "slumber" party, LOL

One of the best things I did when I was first diagnosed back in '07. I gave myself the "RIGHT" to first, NEVER have to come to terms with this nasty disease, and second, to allow myself to be okay, with being angry with this MS.

I made a paradigm shift to only focus on all the things in my life that the MS has not yet affected. So my focus is not the MS, but the life I can now create. I don't deny my feelings and every once in a while I visit them but I don't stay there. and I NEVER, NEVER abuse myself in ANY way no matter how small. I am the only one I have and I am my own BEST friend, I can do no wrong . . . PERIOD !

I date myself all the time since I'm the only one who knows what I'm really going thru.

I wish you the best life possible via this journey into the unknown, what we know living with MS is all about.


Hi Ms-Indestructible I didn't recognise your name, so I jumped to your page. And found this AWESOME saying!😊 I can't believe I missed it!

I know to many that get hung up on the past, that they forget that TODAY IS A GIFT 🎁

Thank You!💕

Jes 🌠👻

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