Hi, my name is Denise. I am almost 60yrs old. I have 1 son, a dog named Abby and I'm retired. I was diagnosed with MS November 3rd 2009. It is Relapsing Remitting MS. Recently, I have had problems with my kidneys, not emptying like they should. The BUN and CREATIN are too high. So we are monitoring it. I was told I had Renal Insuff, stage 3. So now I wait. I don't wait, well. I'm used to doing and being very active. I am walking every day, anywhere from 3000-4000 steps a day. If I can do 3000, I'm having a good day. I get tired very easy and I have chronic pain in my low back. I guess that's it for now.

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  • Hi Denise, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on u doing at least 3000 steps a day. I totally understand, I too use to be very active. I get tired easily and will have lower back pain if I do to much. As far as the kidneys, I just go a lot more and hope I make it there. I hope and pray that all goes well. Nice to meet u.

  • DeniseG26 , hello and well done. 3000 steps is quite the achievement. Keep it up, they reckon exercise sharpens the mind. Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

  • DeniseG26 , Welcome! You are going to love it here and we will become your new best friends! Everyone has so much info to share and I learn something new every day.

  • Welcome DeniseG26. I think you will find this site/group very supportive and helpful. Great to hear you are keeping active.

  • Hi Denise, welcome! Keep up the walking👍 I was 64 when diagnosed with RR and had a recent knee surgery (3rd)! I am on walker but going to rehab. I could probably walk by myself but I have a house full of geriatric dogs who follow me around and I'm afraid I'll fall on one of them. But not sure if I could walk as far as you! Hope everything works out good with your kidneys!

  • DeniseG26, as if MS is not enough! So many of us struggle with other autoimmune problems.

    I hope you see your blood levels improve.

    Welcome to a warm and encouraging group of people!

  • Welcome Denise! Congratulations on 3000 steps a day. I have a stationary bike in my living room and when I can pedal 30 minutes I'm 😁.

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