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Hi All. I'm new to this site. I won't be posting often; don't know how everyone manages to blog, post, twitter, message, facebook, patients like me, basically any other social media and still get out and live. I've had MS since 1974, not diagnosed until 1991. My advocacy is the use of service dogs (SD) for people with MS, so will take any and all questions anyone has about how SDs can improve the life with someone with MS. On my 3rd SD and it's literally a game changer. Feel free to PM me anytime you have questions.

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Very warm welcome to u. To our awesome Mser warrior family. I love SD's too, but i do love my SC's Service Cats. They're my healers & Protectors too. They R mini-main coon +Norwegian Forrest Orange Cream. 😸😻🐾🐾 Many Blessings to U.---Jazzyinco


Welcome! I sure understand about getting caught up in tech stuff. I dislike FB and only look at it when my kids tell me they’ve posted pictures of my grandkids.

It’s great that you have learned so much about service dogs. Your insights will be very helpful!

I appreciate your sweet smile, and your puppy looks adorable. Please share how your dogs help you.

Welcome to the group! I'm sporadic with checking in myself. MS sets my schedule and it has a mind of its own. Thank you for sharing the picture. Oh my goodness. Golden Retrievers are so wonderful. I'd love to hear more about yours and how they have helped you.

Welcome! 😊❀🌷

Welcome to our crazy 😝 group of MSersπŸ‘. Love to hear about your service πŸ• and how it helps you πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ. I have a rescued Goldendoodle and a Bichen Frise , both are great emotional dogs πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸΎ Ken

Welcome to the group jjlevan its great to have you here. Take your time and look around, we don't bite πŸ˜‰ Post when you can; if you have questions, need to vent, or just want to talk about your day. Love that you have a service dog that helps you.

Look forward to getting to know you.


Hi jilevan

Can i ask you please.Are you on any treatement ?

Welcome! Thanks for sharing your beautiful picture. When I first joined I made some errors in posting and responding to messages but everyone

is very warm and helpful and will help .


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