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Thanks for the support


It has been confirmed that my 2013 dx of MS was not just incorrect, but was made without any basis. We are completely stumped as to how the initial dx was made. All MRI'S, spinal fluid and neuro test done at the time came back without any bands, lesions or range issues. I will continue to see my neurologist because there were some other things that were seen in the results that he is concerned about, so there may be a new dx. I thank you all the support and I hope to have some more news soon.

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Great news. Maybe what you do have will be a less debilitating disease.


Fee09 , pleased for you but I hope they find out what is causing your symptoms. Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈 🤗 💐


Just began my second year of testing, etc. I have had many MRI"s, with and without contrast, spinal tap, optical nerve testing and nerve conduction tests. All of the blood, spinal, etc testing showed no MS band, Other tests fell within normal range. I have lesions between T2-5 that neuro did say are ms. I have 20 plus white spots in brain that have not changed in 6 months between mri's. I have most of the other ms symptoms of fatigue, ms fog, numb and tingling started ribs down, is now mostly below the knees. My balance gets wonky as the day gets long. I hope you continue your testing and doing the best you can. However it turns out, there are people here that care and hopefully can guide you along this path.. Lynn

Goodness Fee, that's a lot to digest for you but good news in some ways too. Please do keep us updated. Angela x

How are you now?

best wishes

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