Hobbies and fun things that we like to do -

Hobbies and fun things that we like to do -

Tutu , you asked and I am sending this as evidence I read your kind note you sent to my request for help posting. Here , thank you- This is an oil painting I did as I count the oil painting class I attend weekly as often as I can health and heat permitting. The teacher lets us paint what we want and gives us advice if we get stuck with an effect we want to get across. I have more paintings this is the one I have as my screensaver . "barn beyond" is what I titled it.


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  • Very nice, I like the muted tones, they make me feel serene.

  • Lovely, casteeldb . This reminds me of an old barn I drove by every day. It was abandoned and, unfortunately, is gone now, but it part of my day for years. In the summer, I'd frequently see vultures perched on the ridge line, their wings spread to catch some cooling breezes. Even birds have heat issues. 😎😄

  • This painting speaks to me, casteeldb. Your setting is serene with its quiet nature and soft colors. I'm happy you have found a hobbie you love. You do it well!💕

  • casteeldb, being from the Midwest and a farm girl, I have a great fondness for barns. Your painting is wonderful, and I thank you for sharing it!

  • It's beautiful. I actually have an old barn similar to that one inherited from my aunt and uncle. It's falling in now but I remember it's glory days when my uncle kept his old mule to be in it. Don't have any beautiful pictures but I have memories that I'll never forget. You do beautiful. I can't draw a circle. Haha.

  • Ps. My hobby when ms permits is building old cars. After my first exasterbation I sold my 79 trans am that I had been working on for months. But Now that I've overcome my fear of never being able to accomplish my goal and life time passion I will have another one. But with much less work needed. God bless

  • casteeldb you are so talented. I just love the painting, the colors, the shadows. Beautiful! Kelly

  • Thank you all for your kind words and for sharing with me what the painting reminds you of and for letting me have my mind take a visit to where it brought you and the things that you enjoy !

    please , even if we cant do things exactly the way we did "before" (I didn't paint for over 30 years as I did not want one more thing to not cooperate and irritate me. then we had our neighbor invite us to come to church, and encouraged me to pick it up again ) I went to the class I still attend when I can- God has blessed , your gift is still there please don't let the dust get one more inch of ground - ask+ look for how you canto adapt your gift to today and now !

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