New watercolor

New watercolor

What used to take me 3 days now takes me 3+ weeks, but I finally finished this watercolor. It is my interpretation of an oil painting done by Lenoid Afremov.

You'd laugh if you see me paint. I have to wear a neck collar, and have the picture, paint, and paint brushes at eye level so I don't have to bend my neck down and get vertigo. I also wear 2 hand braces for carpel tunnel. And then, I can only do it for 15 minutes at a time so my eye doesn't start hurting. But, I just keep plugging along and eventually it gets done.

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  • Amazing and imagine if you didn't have those hindrances!

  • I really like it Iona60!!! I also would expect that the extra required effort and time has produced a new level of impact, personal fulfillment and meaningfulness to the whole painting exercise (to the extent that it may have become about more than just painting, and it would also seem hard to avoid a deep awareness of just how blessed you are to still be so capable with your brushes). Great stuff ;)

    -- Christopher

  • I do feel blessed that I have the time and ability to keep painting. I imagine as things change with my body, my paintings will begin to take on a new look.

  • Going with the flow of disability's impact certainly seems to have worked out quite well for both Monet and Degas . . .

    I, thus, would very much look forward to seeing any such new look as it unfolds, Iona60

    -- Christopher

  • Christopher, somehow I missed this link when you posted it. Thank you. It is very insightful.

  • That is really nice, it looks as though the ground is wet!

  • Yes, that is exactly what I am trying to convey in this picture.

  • Keep going Iona60, you are an inspiration, beautiful, blessings Jimeka

  • Iona60 it's beautiful! Have you ever done a Thomas Kinkade? 😁

    Unfortunately the art contest is closed for MSAA this yr😞

    I love it 🌠

  • Thank you , and no I've never tried a Kincaid. I really love to copy this artist because I love all the colors.

  • I don't blame you Iona60 it really is beautiful!🌠

  • Nice

  • Iona60, oh, to visit your gallery of art! I can hardly believe what you create, let alone while overcoming obstacles. I'm so encouraged with every painting you post. Thank you for taking time to show us. This one is another beauty.

  • Thank you for your encouragement. No gallery yet. I need to start framing them and hanging them up. The only ones I get to see hanging up are those that I have given away.

  • Nice job!!

  • Oh my goodness! I looked at your beautiful painting and wanted to step into it....being careful not to slip on the wet sidewalk! It's wonderful. The colors are so vibrant and inviting. Good job!

  • Thank you and wear some rubber boots if you step inside the painting.

  • OMG! You're paintings are beautiful!

    I just started painting again and I know exactly what you mean...2-3 weeks until I finish what I've started, but the carpal tunnel braces may help me with the pain I get in my hands. Just have to find them-hahaha. I'm also moving my canvas closer and closer to my eyes.


  • What medium do you use? I used oils when I was younger, but have found that I like water color much better. Yes, I paint fairly close up. I imagine if my vision gets worse or my hands get shaky, I'll switch to impressionism.

  • Lakiee

    @lona60 your watercolor painting is just wonderful! You are so very talented and blessed. I can't imagine trying to paint like that, and then again, I'm not an artist!

    Thank you for sharing that Wonderful painting with us all!

    Hope you've been doing well, as well as any of us can...:) Drop me a line when you can and let me know how you've been doing...I miss not hearing from you.



  • @Iona60 your painting is beautiful, and then when I think of what you have withstood in order to accomplish this it boggles my mind! I am sitting in my living room looking at my wall where I have a painting that was my mother's. She was a nurse who went through training during WW II. She then worked in Veteran's Hospitals for awhile before she and my dad married. She had one patient that was paralyzed and they started him painting as one of his therapies At that time he was painting with a brush in his mouth and the canvas hanging over him . He promised my mom that if he ever got good enough he would send her a painting. Well, one day when I was @ 9 or 10 a picture arrived at our house! My mother treasured that painting and now that she has passed it is one of my treasured items. Your paintings are treasures also. Despite the hardships keep up the wonderful work!

  • What a beautiful story. I love to give my paintings away. It really doesn't seem like a hardship to me to paint. It's just ways that I've had to adapt to still do the things that I love to do. I've now learned to knit without looking at it, so I don't get vertigo.

  • Iona60

    I used to loved cartooning and used colored pencils to add color-recently I found my hands "going outside the lines" ah, oh well. When I switched to acrylics I tried to paint cartoons and make them into "realistics", but that didn't work out so I switched to fantasy/imaginative paintings. Now I'm so happy I finally can continue doing the fantasy paintings again.

    Once I'm no longer able to "make sense" out of my paintings I'll just tell others they're abstracts (my daughter's favorite) . Now that my granddaughter (16 mos. old) is having fun making her own artwork I know the art will go for generations!


  • It's great that you are able to keep adjusting your styles as your abilities change. That's the spirit!

  • Lona60,

    I just love your watercolor painting, no matter how long it took you and all the apparatus you have to wear to get ur done.....;) LOL.

    You surely are very talented and that is a wonderful gift! I want to Thank you for sharing your painting to all of us, I know we all feel the same way about your wonderful painting.

    Hope you've been doing alright as I have missed not talking to you. Drop me a line and let me know how things are going, ok?

    Your friend,



  • It's beautiful, Iona ! Truly a labour of love. Thankyou for sharing with us x

  • @Lakiee,

    I love the duck pictures on the pond! It's amazing that they come every Friday!!

    Great Watercolor also, if you didn't get my reply, seems I'm having some sort of problem trying to get messages to you!!!!



  • Lovely!

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