When You're Hungry But Nothing Tastes Good :-(

Ok sorry, it's me again just need to see if anyone here has experienced this yet. I am freakin starving but nothing that sounds good actually is. I've had hankerings lately for pizza, homemade potato salad and steak, but after I take just a few bites it's like my stomach automatically says "no way, why are you torturing me?" Is this a common symptom of MS and if so, then what causes it? I can tolerate chocolate or strawberry milk, so why won't my stomach cooperate with food?

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  • Yes, especially after not having been hungry much at all. Grabbing at everything and nothing seems to satisfy at all.

  • Thanks, @GerriG! It's comforting to know that I'm not alone in this one! I've been experiencing many symptoms over the past year or so but this one just popped up over the past few weeks! Geez if I can't eat solid food now then what, liquid diet for the rest of my life? :-(

  • Bamfan1442 I agree with what erash said not everything is MS related. Talk to your PCP about it and find out what's going on.

    Living on choc and straw milk isn't that good for you😅

    Call your Dr!

    Jes 🌠

  • Mine comes and goes from time to time. Usually is directly affected by the amount of pain I am in. There are times where I can't eat at all. So soup is my friend. Usually chicken noodle with the small bits and noodles in it n in it. Some of my previous dmt's have elevated the nausea quite dramatically. As a a matter of fact all except my current gave done so at one time or another during treatment. I am actually 70lbs lighter than I was 6 or 7 years ago. Then there's the times where I will sit down to one of my favorites and it will that bland and horrible and I literally have to force myself to eat. It's a difficult issue indeed.

  • Bamfan1442 Is it nausea? Cramps? Bloating?

    Could it be a side effect of a med u r taking? Could it be a non-MS symptom?

    If it's going on for awhile, perhaps contact your health care provider and get it checked out...

    Hope u feel better 💐

  • Hi @erash and thanks for your reply! I'm not currently on any meds. I haven't seen a doctor yet but hopefully soon when my Medicaid cards arrive in the mail. There are two of them, one is for the Health Plan (BC/BS Complete) and the other is the State Card and I have to show both of them when I go. Then I will make an appointment with my PCP if they approve her. It's a waiting game, and I'm sick of sitting here in the "waiting room." ;-/

  • I don't think it's MS as much as it is being human... for me, it could be the fact that I don't stock my kitchen well because I'm on a ridiculous budget since my move to PA... I knew finances would be tight, but mine are ridiculous... yep, made the move to get closer to family as the MonSter stepped up his game and started really causing issues... FAITH NOT FEAR is my mantra... Now, what to have for breakfast or should I just wait until lunch... LOL

  • Yes, @ddeadred our food budget is tight as well, with two growing teenagers (14 and 16) and my BF, who is always hungry and eats constantly as well. Don't know how he does it-If I ate like him, I wouldn't be able to get through the front door! ;-/ lol But for the past month or so, I feel "full" and bloated after just a few bites. It's like the food stops and won't go down or digest all the way. Makes me nauseous too but not sure if that's from being sooo hungry and I'm not absorbing enough nutrients or if there's something wrong with my digestive track. Gonna get it checked out for sure though!

  • Bamfan1442 check out this article about MS and gut symptoms


  • Thank you for that @erash! Hrmm.....very interesting! But I will have to see whether or not the Ig? (whatever it was) blood test is covered under my insurance first.

  • Bamfan1442 i just thought it was interesting to note that these symptoms are not uncommon for people with ms

  • I've had an eating disorder for many years--my neuro actually thought I had middle-aged anorexia because I have no interest in food at all. I only eat because I have to to live. If there is too much food around, as in a buffet, my stomach completely rebels and shuts down and I can't eat at all. But after my last relapse, I completely lost my sense of taste for quite awhile. It is still coming back but gradually,, but I still have no desire for food.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies and comments! I don't even cook anymore for several reasons. First, why kill myself cooking all day every day for everybody else if I can't eat it? Everything has to be either zippy and spicy or drenched in some kind of sauce or goopy substance for them to eat anything or it's "too bland." Second, just chopping raw meat, onions or other stinky things makes me even more nauseous GAK!! Thirdly and most importantly: No one else will go to that kind of trouble to cook anything for me that I may be able to tolerate, or clean up the mess they make when they're done!!

  • I wish that was one of my symptoms! I want to eat the whole house , boredom I think. Plus walking is difficult.

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