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Every month on our blog MS Conversations - blog.mymsaa.org - we like to focus on one theme for the whole month. For May, we are talking about preparing for summer and strategies for dealing with the stress of summer vacations and the heat.

I personally like to de-stress by coloring in one of those grown-up coloring books, but what are some of your positive coping strategies for dealing with stress?

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I do latch hooking, if I go wrong I can soon pull it out and start again, blessings Jimeka πŸ¦‹ 🌈 Oh and eat 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

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jimeka Would that be chocolate?

I find that knitting helps me with stress. It's something to do with my hands. Seems to let some energy out.


EmilyM375, it's Fancy1959. Ever since I was a early teenager, the place I fled to to destress was on the back of a horse. There is something about being one with such strength and power that puts life's stresses in their proper perspective. Especially now, when I ride on the back of a horse, I am whole again. I no longer have balance issues, I no longer tire when I walk a hundred yards, etc!πŸ΄πŸ˜†πŸŽ

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I remember it well. Being one with a horse is a gift from God, one I will never forget. Enjoy Fancy, enjoy, blessings Jimeka 🐎 πŸ¦‹

Oh my! So many things: meditate, paint, write, exercise, read, being with nature and animals, helping people ....😊

Conversely, 😬I can make a long list of things that can undo the sense of calm I get from the above--but I'm working on being more like Teflon so stress can't stick πŸ’£

I like to take a long walk in the sunshine while listening to music. The more the stress, the longer the walk. Unfortunately, the Midwest still thinks it's winter half of the time πŸ™„

For the days I can't get off the couch, a funny book and kitty snuggles works well. 😻 When my eyes hurt, I love to use the audible app. They have comedians now!

My husband is pretty amazing, he has "Kristi is in a funk" radar and usually does or says the right thing 😍

Great post, EmilyM375! First, I stay out of the heat and sun. I won't be taking any trips this summer-the weather is best where I live during these months. If I work in the garden or elsewhere outside, I do so in the early morning hours to avoid overheating. I listen to inspirational music, pray and, this summer, will be attempting to finish my youngest granddaughter's patch quilt. That should keep my hands and mind busy. πŸ’•


Doing "normal" things as much as possible helps with mood overall, but quilting, reading at night, praying, gardening, crocheting, watching an old classic movie, and just being with positive friends and family can be calming and stabilizing. Simple things are best. I'm amazed at how relaxing it is to watch the birds on our pond and property, even for 2 minutes in between chores. Two minutes of thanks to God for my many blessings is so very calming.

Air conditioning sounds good and I will have my husband put it in my son put it in last summer not good. Coloring sounds good I was given an adult one with flowers last year and didn't get a chance to use it. I was starting to write a children's book maybe I will finish it for my granddaughter. I think I should have a list.

I like the adult coloring books but I prefer to print them on my computer. The little 4 x 6 ones just annoy me. They are too small for my old eyes. This is one of my favorite websites to get free coloring pages and projects. sarahrenaeclark.com/ She also has coloring books for sale. I signed up for her emails and got a free coloring book. She usually only sends 1 email a week and often has freebies for her subscribers.

Free is a great way to try a new craft out!

I have no connection to her other than a satisfied customer.

I have found for me that when things are tough putting some headphones on and listening to music helps sooth me. My preferences are contemporary christian and Christian rock. I played gituar until my fingers no longer wished to corperate with me. I still do on rare occasions. However I am now studying the harmonica. It has become one of my favorite things to do. That and my devotional and the bible. Also like old movies and television shows that still put God above all else. Have been watching an old show Death Valley Days, that aired 1952-1963. It is truly amazing how much difference there is between the time periods. How far our society has changed in that period of time. But then I think how drastic my life has changed in less than a decade. How much I have grown in just a few long years. Even though MS stole my life, it may very well have saved my soul. So there's the blessing in the mist of the turmoil. That is what gets me through each and every day. My faith is what gives me strength, for mine gave out along ago.

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