Ocrevus controversies?


I hesitate to post this article because I know some of you may be currently starting this medication. Although it identifies some concerns, I believe that there are no perfect drugs , certainly no perfect MS drugs, and perhaps Ocrevus has more critics with personal vested interests because everyone was eagerly awaiting it and it was touted as such a miracle addition to the MS arsenal. And perhaps it is! or at least opens avenues to new treatment approaches. So hopefully this article simply provides more information so that we can all be smarter consumers and self-advocates.

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  • It started to get to techy for me, 😞 but bottom line, do you think it's the same as retuxen? erash and l have no doubt the pharma company. Are out for themselves.😕


  • Jesmcd2 i think the 2 drugs are similar. I don't know enuf to say if chemically they are exactly alike. Genentech suggests there are some beneficial differences.

    I wouldn't expect otherwise from a pharma co. Then again, I don't know of many businesses that are 100% altruistic.

  • erash, Thanks for posting this; it is unfortunate but unavoidable that we are to some degree at the mercy of the pharma industry if we want to take drugs. It's also true that part of their motivation is to make money. I think it must be the responsibility of the FDA to make sure that Genentech is not just sticking a new label on an old drug & calling it something else, and as long as regulators are allowed to do their jobs maybe we can have some confidence we are protected. But that's another discussion.

  • Hi Erash, you did good talking about Ocrevus. Rituximab is the first generation of the drug and is only 50% or less no humanized monoclonal antibody. I was going to take Rituximab but I refused because of high percent of immune reaction, it is from rat , not human monoclonal antibodies. I could not get in the trial for ocrelizumab because the cut is 55 years old. But the best of all is the 3th generation, Ofatumab, highly percentage of good results and the most purified and lower dose. I am trying to get Zynbrita for me now, but I need to appeal because is new and the insurance refused initially, but agreed to accept when I send the appeal.

  • Miriade

    All of these drugs are a bit concerning. Unfortunately, the ideal drug would be 100% effective, no side effects, and covered by insurance... And doesn't yet exist...🙁

    Hope you can get zynbrita coverage!

  • Thanks for posting this erash! The more info we find, the better decision we can make. I'm glad to see that Dr. Vollmer is starting a study to compare rituximab to ocrevus. That should have been done already IMO.

  • Raingrrl

    For obvious reasons, Pharma companies prefer to compare new drugs to placebo...🤔

  • Yeah...I get that. It will be interesting to see what Dr. Vollmer's study finds out.

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