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Frustrated with Insurance for Ocrevus

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I’m reading numerous post about my fellow MS family being frustrated with waiting for approval from their Insurance Company for their Ocrevus. Most of the posts have the doctors submitting their paperwork in plenty of time but they still have to wait for Insurance authorization. Call after call we keep getting the run around. I just don’t understand what’s the problem. The Insurance have on file that we have MS. The neurologist prescribed Ocrevus and still there’s a problem. I know the drug is expensive but all the MS drugs are expensive. Sometimes you feel like cussing someone out but you know that will not be beneficial so we bite our tongue and continue to fight and live. Just know GOD have our backs and to stay strong, persistent and keep the faith. Everything will be fine...

Love Royjr

6 Replies
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Oh no...I wonder if there’s some way for us to prevent this run around? Perhaps Genentech can help?

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I'm so sorry to hear that people are having these issues, I just had my third full dose (18 months from start) and have never had any trouble or delays at all with insurance - everything's been all approved, in place, and ready to go each time. That's even with two different insurance plans, when I started I had a private, individual BCBS HSA policy, and when I was approved for SSDI a year ago they rolled me straight into Medicare and an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan. Genentech paid what Medicare and Aetna didn't quite cover. They even approved immediately when we had to dump out most of a dose and reschedule last summer (yikes!) due to a bad infusion reaction. I was so worried that they wouldn't cover a re-do, but they did, quickly, and with no questions asked.

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It's good to hear some good news in relation to insurance!

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I take Copaxon, and I got a letter from the insurance saying they would only cover the generic Glatopa. So I just called the pharmacy and they told me to get my Dr. To fix the paperwork, and they sent me Jan. In Dec. I hope it works out for you Royjr 🤗💕


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I hope everyone remembers that many of the drug companies offer a zero co-pay for their drugs. Don't be afraid to contact them directly if your doctor has no luck. I am on the Zero co-pay system for both my drug and I have a non-profit charity taking care of my copay for my infusion which is also expensive, somewhere close to $20,000. Don't give up, keep digging. Don't take no for an answer. Go past your doctor if you need to and directly to the drug company. I have information on the charitable nonprofit organizations out there that can help you if you need assistance so feel free to contact me for those. I agree 100% with what Royjr said. Keep up the great work. Fancy.

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I just saw this post but just so u know O has patient navigators who will help u with all thing O. If u cant pay they have have assistance 4 it

also other drug companies help as well

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