Has anyone on here had a doctor write personal judgements/opinions with no discernment/not knowing me or my history. Than solicite to other doctors whom you see so the other doctors are making weird comments. I've filed an addendum however feeling the doctor has not put into my file. Unsure of how to handle this further any advice would be appreciated. Being I've never had this happen and it's screwing me up being his opinion/judgement are in my medical file.

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  • Seeker11 I have no idea how to tell you to handle this, but am feeling your anxiety and hope someone else can help.

  • Hi Seeker11 it's been awhile. Unfortunately l have no idea how to handle that kind of a situation. I wish you luck tho.


  • Google search for defamation

    So sorry for your experience 🙁

  • I am curious as to why this doctor is doing this? Is this your family doctor, or a neurologist?

    Also, I'm just trying to wrap my thoughts around your situation, comments about symptoms, mental health, MS diagnosis, pain management?

    I've had doctors comment on my mental health and stability...I can't tell you how frustrating that is, however they don't talk to one another and write it in my personal files.

    Sending you hugs and strength to stand up and say NO this is not right!


  • I'm sorry for your bad experience. I certainly hope you get some clarity about what was written, and that the truth becomes evident to everyone involved. Hang in there.

  • Start by getting copies of your medical records so that you actually have documentation of what has been put in your records.

    If you have a doctor that actually knows you and your situation, talk to them. See if they would be willing to back up your side of things. Get copies of your records from them as well.

    That would be my first actions. Then I would talk to a lawyer! You might be able to do something legally to resolve the issues.

    Best of luck and hopefully you can get things resolved.

  • Hello seeker11, it's Fancy1959. Does this so called doctor belong to a practice or professional organization? I would get copies of my medical records like Eva1981 suggested. Then I would not allow this to continue. I would meet face to face with the doctor, with my medical records in hand and point out some of his more out landish opinions. If I met with resistace on the doctors part I would calmly get up and leave and advise him to be prepared from to hear from many medical ethics groups as I could find. I wouldn't stop or turn around, I would just leave. Google mediacal ethic group in your state and get busy contacting them. You could even contact the National MS Society and get contact ideas from them. I wouldn't stop until the doctor was sorry he even messed with me! Good luck, be tough and go after that doctor!

  • I have had my neurologist and a general practitioner write on my record that I have coronary heart disease. I talked to my cardiologist and he was angry. He said absolutely not. He did an angiogram on me a couple of years ago. The GP was in the same group (and same computer system) so he took the diagnosis off of my record. The neurologist said that once it is on my record it can not be taken off of their computer system

  • Depending on the state you live in, the "Board of Medical Ethics" comes immediately to my mind. One doc is not to share your personal info with other medical professionals or anyone without your signed permission for each doctor information is shared with.

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