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Help to relieve nightime spasticity

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I wake up and my legs are tight and painful. Walking around and stretching of course does nothing as it's the lesions in my brain causing the problem.

I started keeping a tub of Vicks Vapor rub by the bed. When the cramps come, I rub the cream all over my legs , but what really works is smelling the cream. I take a few deep breaths in and out of the cream and the spasticity stops and I SLEEP REALLY WELL.

My massage therapist recommended baby Vicks vapor rub as it contains lavendar

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Good tip, I will try that. Have you tried a lavender heat pad, that helps you calm down and go to sleep. Blessings Jimeka

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deedeedah in reply to jimeka

While I was working on my massage therapist she handed me one that was amethyst. I told her I already had one that was lavendar. She said this one is more effective for calming the muscles. I didn't take it so I don't know

Interesting. I'll have to try that. I take flexxeril right now but my new neuro wants me to take it only as needed. I wear compression sleeves on my bad side almost all the time. And I have these odd yoga socks that separate my toes that seems to sort of help with my foot curling in and cramping. My neuro recommended them

I'll have to try the baby Vicks rub. My freezer burnt spot on my arm was really bugging me, So i tried putting icy hot on the entire lower arm section. Basically it was icy hot, then wore off and still had the freezer burnt spot left. Unsuccessful attempt. I thought maybe I could fool my body. Guess not.

I have a diffuser and lavender EO. I'll have to try misting that at night.

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deedeedah in reply to cheshcat

When I met my massage therapist she gave me those toe separaters that they use for pedicures. my skin is so sensitive that anything between my toes illicits a Babinski nerve reflex. She also recommended Vibram sneakers by Furoshiki. I swear by them

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jimeka in reply to deedeedah

Another good tip, I will have to look outI for them, thank you

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cheshcat in reply to deedeedah

My yoga socks are super soft, not sure if that would be helpful at all for you.

Sounds like you have a really great massage therapist!

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Tru4Christ in reply to cheshcat

Wow! I'll have to try some lavender or something to help me relax ... I need tips for all day STRESS RELIEF, not just to sleep...😐

wow... and who doesn't have Vick's vapor rub? Mine expired years ago, but it stilll smells ok... with no kidz, I never really use it anyway... Baclofen really works for me, and if I start with the cramps, I pop an extra 10mg (neuro approved--already take 30mg at night, 60mg a day)... xo Cj

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Iona60 in reply to ddeadred

ddeadred I save an extra 10 mg of Baclofen to take if it need it in the middle of the night as well.

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ddeadred in reply to Iona60

honestly, my most trusted neurologist in Ohio was never alarmed if I needed extra Baclofen... He knew I never abused medications so I'm pretty lax about popping an extra here or there when to cramps creep up on me. That said, I have an excellent regimen with meds morning, noon, and night. Morning is just 10mg, 20mg at noon, 30mg at night. I also take 300mg of Neurotin 3 times a day. Honestly, I used to have a ready supply of cannabis--I never needed so many RXes then, but life changes and I no longer live with my ex-partner of 15 years... He inherited money when his Dad died, he was not sharing a penny regardless of how I carried him financially throughall of those years... Good riddance to bad trash! At least, I brought a good price!!! $300,000--PRETTY GOOD!!! LOL...

I'm so much better without the extra baggage! Pupz are far easier with whom to deal...

Mornings are the worst for me. It seems like I'm 100 years And like you said stretching really does nothing for the muscles. It just seems to make the pain greater.

I will have to try Vicks! Thanks for the info!


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Iona60 in reply to Stepinup

Stepinup This disease is so strange. Even each of us with the same problems require different regiments for relief. If I did't stretch, I'd be one big cramp.

deedeedah I've mentioned this before, but a stationary bicycle helps me to stretch out my legs and reduce the spasticity. I try to do it right before bed, and it really helps.

That is a good tip abut the Vicks, very interesting. I would not dismiss the value of stretching. I know each of us is different, and I do not get spasms, but I do get a lot of tightness in my muscles and stretching is how I deal with it. I do a yoga routine that concentrates on my legs and lower back and I think it is essential in keeping me mobile. Yoga exercises can be very easily tailored to each person's physical ability.

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deedeedah in reply to BillD999

You're on the right track, Bill. I was on a strick raw diet when my symptoms were at their worst. It helped 100% with fatigue, I got 8 hours of sleep every night, worked out, did yoga, took supplements....and then after 2 yrs. I got worse. Holistic Dr. said I needed more protein. I tried a protein supplement, more chia, kale etc. to no avail. I am no longer raw, but I only eat organic fruits, vegetables, eggs, and chicken. I feel better, take no medications, learned about biotin5 years ago, as well as D and B12. I'm a massage therapist so I use magnesium in my oil so I won't have to take the supplement. This too helps with complaining muscles

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BillD999 in reply to deedeedah

I am not familiar with the raw diet but I am a believer in the Wahls diet, although I cannot claim I follow it to the letter. I also take high dose Biotin(300mg/day) and I think there is real benefit in that. I do take some meds, Ampyra and Modafinil(for fatigue); also a great believer in exercise.

Good luck!

Good morning!! This is my first time getting involved in this group... Its a blessing to be able to connect with other amazing folk who are striving for and walking in divine health... Regardless of what the MRI said. I couldn't sleep... First, leg cramps, then sinus problems... Now its about time to get on the 5AM Prayer Call... Jesus is our help! God bless you all! Make it a great day on purpose😉

I had a sleep study done and the doctor diagnosed me with restless legs. I take a pill every night that they give prople with Parkinsons. I used to have severe pains in my back and legs and hips but I have noticed the pains are gone and Im not fatigued like I was before I started taking medicine for restless legs.

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