Great tee shirt

You may have seen Erash's post about her fall. Well, I just got a tee shirt that says " If you stumble, make it look like a dance move". I love it, as I stumble so often. Also, there was discussion about the cards that tell people you are not impaired, but have ms. I know my neuro has them, I will find out where we could get some. Love to all! 😍 Kelly

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  • Can you post a picture of the tshirt? Blessings Jimeka

  • I will as soon as I get it. I ordered it from a company called Zulilly.

  • Happy to see you are feeling better Amore55. We missed you, Kelly!

  • Amore55

    I love your new tee shirt! I love what it says and may have to get one myself. I bought a tee shirt last summer that reads : MS is getting on my NERVES. I think I like yours better!


  • I love that Kelly! I think I will put that on a tote bag. Thanks for sharing. Hugs! Joyce

  • Love the T shirts! 😊. Laughter always helps. Big soft hugs to all! Mary

  • Silly question, but Y would u care what others think? take pride on my stumbles, for they r all mine. With a little style help from u know who:-)


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