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I'm starting to get a little concerned about the relapse that I am currently having. Although I have seen slight improvement, and most of my energy has returned, I'm still not back to my "normal". It has been close to a month when my symptoms first started, and two weeks since I've been off solumedrol. My legs/feet still feel tight/tingly/numb. Has anyone had relapses that seemed to last a long time, but eventually improved some?

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  • Hi Sadieschafer. Sorry to hear that your latest relapse has long overstayed its welcome.

    Can't really speak to your question, though, since my version is progressive. I just wanted to say hello, and let you know that you're in my prayers.

    -- Christopher

  • Takes time to see what your left with. Took me 42 physical therapy visits to walk good without walker or cane again. If you smoke or drink, give it up. Dr Terri Wahl a Dr that has MS has a simplified basic diet of 3 cups greens 3 cups of colors. Some follow anti inflammatory diet which is gluten free night shade free sugar free dairy free. Basically organic fruit veggies except (tomatoes corn peppers eggplant white potatoes) sweet potato and yam OK. Grass fed burger and Turkey chicken eggs wild caught fish only. No oils but unrefined organic coconut and EV olive oil. Start out with slow changes. You do get used to eating clean. After a while you will never eat fast food again. It will make you feel sick. I basically try to get as close as I can to paleo diet without corn and night shade plants or bad oils. Diet can make a big difference.

  • What are night shade plants? Never heard of that one. Thanks!

  • Tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers (but not white or black pepper), eggplant, potatoes (white, not sweet potatoes), goji berries. Some people are sensitive to them.

  • Sadieschafer, it's Fancy1959 I am sorry to hear about your latest relapse and I know that a prolonged relapse can cause just the kind of stress you don't need right now. So take a deep breath and give your body time to bring itself back around. Every single person's relapses and recovery time is different. So Sadie, if one person tells you they've done this that's not necessarily true or false for you.

    The best advice I could share with you is to keep closely in touch with your neurologist and follow his or her advice. Also seek out and request Physical Therapy. It is amazing what a wonder drug therapy Candy. By getting the circulation moving actively you can help to reduce the tingling and swelling in your extremities. Sometimes we don't actually see the swelling Percy it's more along our nerves internally in our extremities but once again I highly recommend physical therapy. If you have not yet tried physical therapy, give it a try, what do you have to lose? Keep bringing your questions and concerns to the chat room. That's what we're here for. Remember together we are stronger!

  • This is my 2nd relapse, but the first one since I was diagnosed. Both have taken 3-4 months before the numbness and tingling subsided and I felt "normal". I'm concerned with this latest one because the blurred vision is still hanging around.

    Time....just give it more time. Grrrr.


  • Awww, I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling to recover, Sadieschafer.

    The relapse I had that actually sent me to the doctor and a diagnosis lasted ... 10 months. Solumedrol was the ticket but it was still several weeks before I felt 'normal' again. Unfortunately, a couple of the symptoms resurfaced, and continued to progress.

    I second everyone else's advice, too. I hope you recover quickly.

  • After about 7 months, I figure that this is the new me. This relapse started in July/August, but over the past few months I've had gradual improvement. Hang in there and see how it goes. You're in our prayers.

  • I started a relapse in August, just couldn't get better. Finally last week my neuro blasted me with steroids and I'm starting to get back to normal. Of course I overdid it because I felt better so I am in bed today, my legs aren't working very well, but overall the difference is amazing. Stay in touch with your neuro, remember we pay them to help us! Be very kind to yourself, some things, like dusting can just wait! 😉 You will be in my prayers. Love, Kelly

  • Hello Sadie, glad you're here.

    I too just had a relapse and spent five days on the hospital on IV steroids. Mine must have started at least a month before I knew what it was. My first was February of last year, but I was not diagnosed till May/June, so I didn't know what it was either. I'm home now but I don't remember what my "norm" is anymore, lol, I'm learning as I go.

    My prayers are with you and I DO hope feel better soon.


  • I hope you are feeling better too!! Have the steroids seemed to help you?

  • I dooon't knooow! (Imagine me being pitiful lol). I'm still the home dosage which is 3 a day, 2 a day, 1 a day, 1/2 a day, I'm so swollen I can't breath and my torso feels like my skin is gonna split into any minute now. When I can relieve the pain I do "feel" some better thou. I'm whining, so please forgive me, I try not to do that but I'm just miserable today. But don't let my misery get ya down. Be good to you.


  • Lol, I hear ya. The skin on my legs feels Like it's going to burst too! Lol

  • I've had relapses that took 6 months or more to recover from. I believe I'm secondary progressive now. I've been in a downhill slide for 3.5 years without clear relapses and remissions, though during this 3.5 years I've had what felt like relapses but not as major as the previous ones and shorter to recovery. I have lots more accumulated damage than when I was RRMS so harder to tell. There have also been a couple of times I thought I was going into a relapse but I had a UTI and once I took an antibiotic I was back to my baseline. Hang in there! It will get better.

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