I am sorry if I have already posted this, I cannot remember.

Some weeks back my husband and I were in our bedroom. He was on the PC and I was on my tablet. This is part of the view from our bedroom window, it is my neighbors nature area, where there are bird feeders.

We love watching the birds at the feeders. On this particular day we saw the birds scatter and this guy swoops in. I think he is a Coopers Hawk but am not positive. He has come back a few times and usually catches his lunch there. I hate that he is killing the beautiful song birds but, hey, he has to eat too. I love nature!

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  • What a peaceful setting, Morllyn. I would watch the comings and goings too. Thanks for sharing!

  • A beautiful bird Morllyn, it's obviously intelligent to come back to the same food suupply all the time

  • Morllyn, it's Fancy1959., I don't think I've ever spoken to you but it sounds as if you're already familiar with it so welcome back! I love to watch the big bird of prey in action. I'm fortunate live in rural Kentucky and we have one pair that call our farm their home. Two summers ago I even spot a bald eagle fly across the property. It was a sight I will never forget. I can tell that i share your love of nature. Until MS came knocking at my door I was always happiest when I was outside. That was unless there was a blizzard or monsoon going on. Hahaha! It's been good to talk to you again. I hope to talk to you again soon. Until then take care of yourself and remember that together we are stronger!

  • Fancy1959 When I was in college, getting my biology degree, I needed 1 more biology credit my last year. I had taken everything, I thought, so while looking at what was offered at that school I saw ornithology. I had no idea what that was and had to look it up. I decided to take it and a "Birder" was born. My husband and I agree that it is the class that I enjoyed the most and have used the knowledge from it throughout my life.

    We travel a lot, throughout the continental US, and it almost always has to do with looking at birds. I love nature, it is awesome!

  • Thank you for sharing the picture. Birds are fascinating creatures and are so interesting to watch, but it's hard to capture pictures of them.

  • Yes it is and I am not good at it at all!

  • Morllyn, you could have fooled me! It's great!

  • Holy crow! BATMAN! Morllyn that's truly amazing!

  • Ha ha ha!

  • I don't remember you posting this great picture. But my memory is really bad too.

    This morning I brought a bottle of medicine downstairs to fill my afternoon pill box for the week. Then, after eating breakfast, I took the medicine back upstairs. Then I wandered whether I had filled my pill box downstairs for the week. So I went back downstairs with the medicine and found there was one yellow capsule for each day in my pill box for the week. So I went back upstairs to fill my morning and nighttime pill boxes and noted that the medicine I had taken downstairs called for two yellow capsules morning, noon and night. So I took the medicine back downstairs and filled my noon pill box with an extra yellow capsule each day. Looking on the bright side, my poor memory helped me get more exercise going up and down the stairs. :)

  • You always look for the sunny side of things, dmaskal1! ☀️️Great way to fit in that exercise, Dave!

  • Ha ha, know what you mean.

  • HAWK ! ! !

    Beautiful bird. I'm really squeamish when it comes to animals capturing other animals - I have to look away on nature programmes ! Thanks for sharing, Morllyn : ) x

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