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Falls and dreams

Recalled from childhood, a dream

a nightmare, a bear, towering

enveloping me in my crib

forearms crushing my face to his furred chest

and the struggle to find air.

Another, in adolescence, beautiful

silent, perhaps foretelling an unfurling to come,

a peacock spreading his colors above the backyard fence.

These edges were sharp, defined

memorable still despite the intervening years,

leaving no doubt that they were dreams.

In midlife, two new dreams began unspooling

over and over, looping frequently.

In one my legs would fail, suddenly,

crumpling me like a rag doll

limp on the floor, unnoticed by the passing world.

In the other I could bound, spring upward

gazelle-like , untethered from gravity.

I paid them no heed.

Those dreams no longer visit.

Somehow, I failed to read the omens,

to forsee that one dark night, I would fall,

lie crumpled on the wet earth

among the sturdy trunks of apple trees.

I did not dream that struggle to rise,

to pull myself up, the fall again

and again and yet again

until beginning the creep

toward the familiar path, dragging my fear

toward the safe and lamp bright house.

Now, nearing eighty, I read that elders have vivid dreams.

When I wake in the night, I am not frightened

of what I cannot see or do not know.

Dreams cling like webs, must be brushed away

before, awake, I take my uncertain steps.

I am not afraid of dreams.

I am afraid of falling and failing to rise.

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Beautiful in a bizarre kind of way. You have an ability for the reader to see in their minds eye what you are writing about. After reading your poems goatgal, you of all people should not be afraid of falling. You come across as a very strong lady, who appreciates nature and life, please continue to share this God given gift with us all. Blessings Jimeka


Beautifully poetic description of foreboding and fortitude.


goatgal your poetry is so poignantly beautiful! You should share, publish, compile into a book?

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Thank you for sharing goatgal l love that you seem to write from the heart.💕



Wow, how.... amazing.


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