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Do your bones hurt???????

Hello everybody. So glad you're all here.

I don't post much, just really don't know what to say, but I do show up everyday and find answers without having to ask questions. But I haven't seen anybody address pain in/on their bones. It's not my joints (although they hurt very much too), it's my bones.

For instance; I have a memory foam mattress, one night about two weeks ago,I was snuggling in and it felt like I grinded my hip on a board or something. It still hurts today. This happens often in different areas of my body. I don't hit/bump anything, I can just lean on something and my bone hurts.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice?

Thanks y'all, Mary

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Hi, alligatormary. Yes, I am certainly having this problem and it's gotten worse over the past month or so (not sure if that is due to the cold weather, or progression).

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Hi Mary,

I wonder if you have been checked for arthritis or osteoporosis ? Angela x


Hi alligatormary

Glad to hear from you. I get bone pain occasionally, esp if fatigued.

I was told it was Lupus related--refused that diagnosis tho

Rest and Ibuprofen helps me

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Waving Hi to alligatormary you have talked before ☺ But glad you are again. Ya know, your input is important to.☺ I am glad your reading us though ☺

I wish l had the answers for your pain. If this came on all of a sudden though, you need to call your Neuro l would think? At least see your PCP!

Pease, keep us updated ☺



Good morning, alligatormary. I haven't had any bone issues quite as significant as yours, but I do have some random bone pain at times. I have had toes that felt broken, although they're perfectly fine, generally stop hurting upon examination. And a finger that I sprained years ago all of the sudden begins to hurt. It's woke me up many times. My physical therapist said that because MS affects the nerves, it can react to old injuries, too.


alligatormary OMG! Yes! this is a symptom I have in my back. It feels like I have broken something! I also get it in my thighs!! I have never been able to explain it so my DR's understand. They look at me like I have 2 heads. My only advice is I have a sleep number bed. So I can adjust it. This helps keep it to a minimum. Especially the hips! I am not happy you go through this. But am happy you shared. Im not crazy! Ok well maybe I am. Just not when it comes to this.

Take care and good luck! if you get any good advice, please share!

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Tnx everyone for sharing.

I sent my Neuro an e-mail trying to explain, but I don't know if I got my point across. I'll let y'all know what he has to say.

Having a yucky day.....lots of pain.....and depression. I was on Cymbalta and it was working great...I was actually part of my family again, it felt so good. My Neuro took me off of it cuz of it's effects on my liver. Now I feel more depressed than before. My poor family just don't understand, like you all have said, but I can't, hard as I try, do different.

Sorry Rob about the whining, lol, gotta get it out.


alligatormary, it sounds like you might need to contact your neuro again. I'm surprised he'd take you off the Cymbalta without substituting it with something else. Still, he needs to know your present condition--the pain and depression. I hope you get some relief soon. I'm sorry you're going through this.


I thought it was just me. I had a dr tell me it was bursitis, but like you it's not just at my joints.


I had no idea this could be a problem since I was pregnant with my second, around 24 years old. Doctors guessed all sorts of weird things and I got sick of asking.

My periods was when it was terrible. My periods in general were very hard on me since around 24.

I've learned so much on this board.


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