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Jimeka, we need a belly laugh!😂

You always come up with the best cartoons. So many hurting people and struggles... Rather than settle down into my own little pity party, I'm turning to you to bring a touch of laughter to lighten the mood. No pressure! And take your time!

Anyone else out there have a funny to share? 😂 Wish I did, but I've already used up half my marbles and it's only 8am! 🙄

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i looked for a funny cartoon to post but no luck. Will have to wait for jimeka to come thru for us.

The snowman resolving to do something about his stick arms for the new year didn't even make me crack a smile.

Hang on to your marbles!


I'm still hoping someone will want to swap marbles with me! 😁 Don't tell anyone how bad mine are 😉

Thanks for searching, erash. We'll get something going. I have no doubt jimeka 😇 is on it, but wouldn't be surprised if someone else comes up with some humor too! 💕


*Tutu (um, I think that's what you do to get someone's attn)

LOL! I had a bottle of my marbles put together by a woman at work! Even said "Jennifer's Marbles" on the gift tag. Sure do miss working there especially the clients and the people I worked with.

I'd give you my marbles, but I think they were left behind...hahaha! Sure does 'splain a lot!


Sounds like a great place to work and that you were blessed with some friends there too. I love the marble gift! And you left them behind? 😂😂 😂

A happy day to you, jennie62!


Yes, it was a great place to work. I had the best time there, but I moved from the area to a different county and because of too many reasons- including memory issues (mostly MS related, that I didn't know about until later) I had to leave. I'm still friends with a few of them.

Thank you for the happy day wish! Wishing you a happy day too! : )


You too! 💕

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