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Hi! Hope everyone is doing well and ready for Christmas. I just have a question or two...I seem to sweat profusely and I get embarrassed. Is there anything you know of or have done that will help me? Also last week I noticed my hands trembling a little bit then on Friday my hands were trembling so bad I couldn't type straight and my right side face felt numb and heavy. Could this be an excaberation? I still feel weakness and heaviness on face and who can forget the balance issues?? Thanks guys! Have a good night!

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  • Two ideas for you to check out. The sweating is possibly the body's not being able to regulate it's temperature. I definitely have long lasting "hot flashes" that leave very sweaty and over heated. Second and not to over alarm you, but you may want to check with your reg. doc or neuro is possibility of "Bel's Palsy." My niece had it this fall and is just recovering. Do you have any eyelid drooping, or paralysis on the affected side? That's a good indicator of BP. Hope you feel better soon..

    I keep freshening wipes with me and use them to help with the overheating.

  • Hi kat,I never used to sweat until the ms developed, now, I am wearing tshirts in winter, I have a coffee or eat a hot meal and it starts. I have to go upstairs and switch my heating off while the family watch tv with blankets. Someone on here suggested a cool vest, and someone also suggested a cool wrap around the neck. Sometimes I feel as though someone has given me a double shot of caffeine and my joints ache like when you have the flu, and my hands start to tingle. It's very off putting being in company when you start to sweat or shake, but at the end of the day Kat, its you that has to cope with it not them, it's a reality, that happens to you, so don't worry what others think, do what you can to alleviate the problem, anything to make life more pleasant. Have a great Christmas, enjoy, blessings Jimeka

  • My heart breaks that all of us have to cope (but we DO!!) with living inside this/our MS body and sometimes have to fake that we are OK when inside we are feeling these 'really odd strange painful alarming (you get the picture) MS symptoms'. Cheers and admiration to all of us and keep on truck'n on!

  • Hi KATC1972 if these are new symptoms(tremor, numbness), let your neuro know.

    Many meds for MS and other (opioids, antidepressants) can cause sweating. It's possible that is what's causing the sweats.

    As Calfeechick mentioned, MS can also interfere with temperature regulation.

  • I found out I was sensative to heat after a bath when I came home from work one evening. I was soaking in a green tea bath where I would just put two bags into the hot water. I laid in the tub for like 15 minutes, went to get out noticed I was sweating and my vision was super blurry. The steam in the bathroom was so stifling I couldn't wait to get out of there! Ever since then I have not taken a steamy hot bath or shower since. I grew to love the winter and I'm a floridian! Now while people I'm around now say its cold, I'm like no its not it feels gr8😂

  • Hi FloGl879. The situation that happened to you in the tub reminds me of how doctors used to test patients to see if they had MS. Of course this was before the MRI. If people started having symptoms like yours in a hot tub, then chances were pretty good that they had MS.

  • Wow! Well, that test will prove it😄

  • Talk with your neurologist, the heavinessin and numbness on the left side of my face was one of my first symptoms, not sure about the trembling . If you have not had these before you may be having an exacerbation.

  • The balance issue is a biggy for me as well, that's what I'm praying the neurologist can help me with. It went from feeling like I was walking on clouds to being unable to walk up or down inclines. Now I just use crutches, I'm in shape but it's a workout to me!😂

  • Hey KATC1972 it is nice to meet you!!! I was diagnosed in 2010 officially, but I actually had my first symptoms in 2002/2003. I have many different challenges that MS has thrown my way and the one thing that I have noticed over the years is that my symptoms have a tendency to come and go. Sometimes the degree that I have the symptoms can even vary drastically. My biggest problems are numbness in my face which sometimes slides down into my teeth, tounge, and throat making it hard to swallow or eat. I also use a cane or walker due to my overall muscle weakness and poor balance. Kind of one of those things where you don't know you are falling until you are getting up off the floor lol.... But my earliest issued by far dealt with hand tremors and arm and leg spasticity. It made me look like a drunk pirate when I walked. Now I only look like a drunk pirate once in awhile if I fall... So you maybe having some issues I try to keep kind of a daily journal of sorts to keep a record of how I feel and anything I think may help my doc figure out what to do with me. Good luck and happy holidays!!!!

  • I would call my neurologist and have them check . It could be an exacerbation or not and they're the ones to help you . I to have trouble with sweating . However I've always chalked it up to my medication . Wishing you happy holidays .

  • Hi KATC1972 sorry you are going through all this and at the holidays to. Which might be part of it. Stress is a major factor in MS! But lm NOT a Dr and you need to call yours. Just to be on the safe side! The numbness in the face is concerning.

    The lovely hot flashes that come with MS well they got alot of us. Ugh! I can guarantee l will get them with in 20mins of eating. 😕 Anything. So l don't eat 😁 or not alot anyway lolol. They make neck wraps that you can buy on Amazon smiles. Or l have a pattern to make your own. I keep 2 in the fridge at all times and they help a Ton! There are also cooling vests that you can get from Polar.com. Or see if

    Mymsaa.com can help you you. There are financial requirements tho.

    The number is (800) 532- 7667

    Give them a shout, AFTER YOU CALL YOUR NEURO!


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