Thank you all so much

I feel like I cannot find the words to thank all of you for your prayers and concern. As Jacqui mentioned, it is hard to type, but I was determined to do it myself tonight. I truly love all of you like family. I hope I can be there for others as you have been there for me.πŸ™‚ I'm grateful for all the things ms has taught me, but mostly for all of the friends I have made on this forum. Thank you again. With so much love, Kelly xx

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  • You're in our prayers, Kelly. πŸ’•Dawn

  • So pleased to hear that you are ok, keep praying for you, hugs Jimeka x

  • @Amore55, it's Fancy. Oh thank God you're doing a little better. You had us all scared half-to-death Kelly. How is your pain level? If you continue to improve tomorrow please give me a shout. I've got questions I will make sure you're OK. Until then I keep you in my prayers in my thoughts. We miss you on the chat room. And I can't wait to have such a vital part of our family come back in feeling better. Just for your information, you are not the only one who has hit the bottom of a few days after Christmas rush. Jess has had her MS take her down for a day and a half or so. And I felt bad for about a day or so this week with the same thing. It seems like you push too hard and we fight to make everything so perfect and we hold it together and finally it's almost like post-traumatic stress syndrome that comes back and makes us feel so ill a day to 3 or 4 days after the big event has occurred and we've done too much. Our bodies just decide to shut down and we are basically non-functional.

    You think we learn after it happened a few times. But I guess wanting to make the holiday or special event perfect is the mom coming out in us. That or is it our OCD! (LOL)πŸ˜‚

  • Amore55 its such a relief to hear from you. Sending you love and strength!

  • Erash, thank you so much for your love and concern. So VERY much appreciated. You are such a dear person. With love, Kelly xx

  • Kelly, words are not needed. You are part of our family. We are very grateful you're back amongst us and hope to hear more from you soon. Continue to take care of yourself and get that pain under control. You and you alone are the best advocate for your own health. You can't continue to fight the pain you've been fighting. It drains your body and your soul. So please get to the doctor or ER when is flares suddenly. It's time to formulate a better game plan of rest, controlled physical activity, lots of fluids and healthy foods designed to to keep the swelling out of your body and possibly checking into different therapies or new drugs to help control you're MS sand it's pain better. Take care of yourself please and I would love to continue to post each other at night. Even if we did it just a few nights a week when you're doing okay it would still keep us better connected. Let me know what you think and set up a new game plan for that as well if we can.

  • Fancy, I'm so sorry that you had a few days under the weather. I hope so much you are feeling better. As always, you are in my prayers. I am trying each day to stay on top of my pain. If it gets out of control, it is harder to get back in check. It's New Year's Eve and I hope you are in a warm safe place. Do you spend it with your family? When I was a child, my mom always made pork and sauerkraut on New Year's Day for good luck in the new year. I did that when my children were small. I really want to keep writing to you each day. 5:00 p.m. still works for me. Let me know what you think. I mean, we should be flexible, but at least try to stay in touch. Let me be the first to wish you Happy New Year! With love, Kelly xx

  • Fancy, I don't know what to do. My arms and legs are so weak today. I can barely type this. I am suppose to go to my son's family later this afternoon, but I can't walk. They are the kind who might be upset if we do not go. But I just cannot get up and move. Fancy, I don't want to whine, but I am so tired of being so sick. Love, Kelly xx

  • Fancy, are you okay? I am so very worried about you. All is quiet in your corner. Have I offended you? If so, I am truly sorry. I am truly so concerned about you, I wish I was there so I could help you. I hope you know that I love you, I can never repay your kindness. Please let me know how you are, please. And if I have offended you let me know so that I can try to correct it. Love, Kelly xx

  • Kelly,

    How glad I am to see you're back! I will keep praying.

  • Amore55 ~hugs~ lm so sorry about the hospital and Neuro. Because l know that there is something else besides solumedrol. I just can't remember what it's called. 😞 I think it was Sukie427 that uses it besides the solumedrol?

    I hope you can go with Bygonelines to her appt. Who knows you might get seen right away! Keeping my fingers crossed!

    I wish you well on this New Year!πŸŽ‰


  • Hey Jes! How are you doing? I haven't heard from your corner of the world for a few days, are you okay? I sure hope you're not really sick. I would have to throw myself on the ground and cry my eyes out! 😊 How is your family? Let me know what is happening with you. I will be keeping you in my prayers. Love, Kelly xx

  • Hi Amore55 doing better than earlier this wk😁 Seemed my best friend MS decided it was time for me to sleep a day.πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Then have the shakes the day after.πŸ˜• But doing much better now and back to my old self.. haha old πŸ˜‘πŸ˜₯

    How are YOU? Still having good days l hope?? Are you keeping a journal of dates and symptoms?


  • Jes, I'm glad you are getting back to your old self! I never thought about keeping a "symptom" journal. What a great idea. Especially since I am changing neuros. It seems like this winter has been hard on a lot of uf. I'm hanging in there. My good days were a tease, but give me hope.πŸ˜‹ My husband was thrilled that I had two good days. I keep trying to get him to move, I hate winter.😝 But his kids are here and I don't see him leaving. Take care, stay in touch. Keeping you in my prayers. Love, Kelly xx

  • Amore55 l should take my own advice πŸ˜‘πŸ˜… and then after thinking about it, putting the most important and the most common at the top. So they hear that first☺ Any other ideas?

    Winter is horrible. But even thinking of moving away from my grandbabes makes my tummy hurt.πŸ˜• Sooo not happening! Not to mention my girls! I don't care how old they think they are!πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


  • Jes, I know what you mean. We have a bunch of kids and grand babies here so even though I dream about somewhere warmer I don't think I could really ever move. Just dreaming of a beach with ocean breezes...😎Have a good Saturday and TAKE CARE of yourself! Keeping you in my prayers. Love, Kelly xx

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