One Massive Hello!

I want to welcome EVERYONE,that just joined us! Please, please, please! Jump in at anytime! You will find us to be a friendly and supportive group 😊

I would also ask you to read the community guidelines.😁

Now for the fun part....

Where is every one from? And how did you hear about us?


Ps PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT A @ IN FRONT OF MY NAME with no spaces. Thank you β›„

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  • Jesmcd2 hi! I am from Marshall Texas. I heard about the site from the MSAA newsletter i get via email.

    Its a pleasure to meet you 😊

  • Welcome Midgey_Midge06

    I'm in central fla where it thinks it's summer time and trees are blooming again 😳

  • How do you take the heat

  • heidilegs heat? What heat? (LOL)

    I'd say I get up early to avoid it but by mid summer it can be 80F at 5am.

    I use cooling towels, cooling vests, and the pool. They help a little.

  • Great I think I had a brain fat

  • Fart

  • Hi Midgey_Midge06 They made a movie about Marshall, TX didn't they? I can't remember πŸ˜…

    I'm glad you mentioned the email, as mine went to my old email. 😞 And all of a sudden we have all you wonderful people 😊

    We are so happy you decided to check us out. And hope that you all stick around.😁

    Are you ready for Christmas yet? πŸŽ…


  • Almost

  • Thanks

  • Thanks to all I am glad I found you all

  • Where are you from heidilegs ?

  • Methuen ma

  • heidilegs l used to go up to Kennybunk every summer as a kid. Always loved it. You guys have to be freezing right about now.


  • Good morning. It's frigid day here in Van Alstyne, TX. But the sun is shining. (What a cruel deception. )

    I don't recall where I heard about the group. I've been involved with online groups for a long time.

  • Wow, great to see all these new names to our My MSAA Community after this weekend! Texas, Florida, and more!

    Welcome to existing Multiple Sclerosis Association of America members who received MSAA's national email about this platform over this past weekend! And welcome to anyone else new is also hearing about MSAA for the first time as well! You can always learn more about our national nonprofit organization and our free programs and services for the MS community here:

    Please take a look around this great online community and the various topics that have been discussed so far, reply to existing discussions, or feel free to start new ones. And many many thanks to our dedicated volunteer Community Ambassadors for My MSAA Community, Jesmcd2 & Fancy1959 who are helping us along the way!

    - John, MSAA

  • Great post Jesmcd2.! Fancy1959.

  • Hi jesmcd2, I live in South Florida for 16 years. I came from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana Beach, Brazil. Now I do not remember how to write well neither Portuguese nor English. I say I am "somebody as I use to know"😁.

    I really enjoy this blog. I shutdown myself for couple years, and only now I am start to look for interaction with people who have something intersting to share and having good time. The natural selection of people in this blog are very good level and open mind.

  • Hello everyone! I am from Toledo Ohio!☺ I had gotten an email about healthy blocked. I thought I would give it a try!

  • Hi! I'm from Portland, OR and I heard about this From the AMSS web page. Looking forward to connecting with you all.

  • Hello, I am from Brick, Nj and my son has MS. I heard about this from the MSAA website. this is a great site, welcome and take care

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