Hello everyone!

I have totally isolated for the past few weeks, and I miss all of you! I realized that we are a family and I need to "play with everyone". So I apologize. For all of you struggling, in pain, fatigued, dealing with various problems, please know I love you and I do pray for the forum group everyday. Life is such a struggle, but we just keep plugging away. Thank you for your friendship. Kelly

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  • I'm glad you came back Amore55 I hope your feeling better Kelly​💕

    J 🌠

  • Amore55 thanks for checking in. We def. want you to pop in when life allows. It wouldn't be the same w/o u. Be well! 💕

    P.S. We only know the good moments because there are the bad ones (Buddhist philosophy)

  • Kelly, you bring so much to this site, and you've been missed. I hope life is better for you.

    It is amazing how one brief comment from someone can strike a chord for me and be so encouraging. Your honesty and support mean a lot to me and everyone here.

  • Hi Amore55 I think you are where most of us are at some point! I know we all understand, when there's too much going on and lot of issues to deal with. And sometimes you just don't feel up to getting on the computer and chatting, even though I feel much better after I connect with everyone here, even if it's just to vent and complain (which is most of the time)! There's those days when, yes, I just want to sit quietly and throw a pity party for myself and be alone with my thoughts, although I know that's not a good thing to do but sometimes you have to be still and try to find the strength to organize your priorities and thoughts into something that makes some kind of sense to you. That is what I've had to do a lot lately, because life has become too difficult to deal with at times and I cherish and take advantage of every chance I get to be uninterrupted. Meaning ALONE TIME--no tv blasting, nobody playing war games on the computer with the surround sound on, music blaring (always the kinds I hate) and nobody arguing with each other about who gets the computer next or who called who what!!! Just silence is all I need most of the time, and that's hard to come by here with two teenagers, a boyfriend who just watches tv all day when he's home and friends popping in and out all the time. Summer is coming, so it's not going to be easy here but I will probably have to take lots of smoke breaks and walks to try to calm my nerves!! Sending peace and good thoughts your way, take care Kelly thinking of you..... :-)

  • Welcome back in Kelly. :) I know I feel down sometimes too. But so grateful for this outlet. I live alone, really no family or good friends in town anymore since losing my dad this year and the very good lady friend so feel alone alot of the time. Sorry to admit but when I think of the future I get worried but...have to take a deep breathe and power on...

  • gatorman15 Your post made me worry a bit. It sounds like you need to get out a bit. Could you join a local support group? (contact 1-800-FIGHT MS) to find out their locations and meeting times, or perhaps your local library would have some events you could participate in. Or a local church might have something. Volunteering is always good.

  • Thank you for your advice. Will give that 1-800 # a ring and see about some kind of a support group. :)

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