I was diagnosed with MS in August 2011. I then obtained a second opinion which it was confirmed October 2011. I then began to look for a physician that specialized in MS. In the first meeting with my physician, two of the first questions I asked is, 1.Will I have/need to give up wearing my heels.👠2.Will I have/need to give up having a glass of wine hear and there.🍷

January 2012 I started the medication Avonex once a week injection, and after two relapses within the year I was then prescribed Rebif three times a week injections. At that time I decided to discontinue taking the medication and pray on it and leave it in GODS! hands. I went nearly two years without medication or a follow up with my MS physician (who is great)! After agreeing to another MRI, I was informed that the lesions that I had prior were bigger and I had also developed three more.

I finally agreed with my physician to reconsider medication. I am currently taking the medication Aubiago pill once a day. I have good days and not so good days. YES! I still continue to wear heels and have a glass of wine now and then. I am currently interested/would like to become an advocate and/or be of any help that I can.

Thank You Much!

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  • Kim I love the post, if you can still wear heals, go for it, enjoy the wine too. I look at heals and cringe, knowing in a second I would be in the floor, bump. So you have fun, and God is certainly walking in front of you. Keep following his foot steps, blessings Jimeka

  • Thank You Much! You are so BLESSED!

  • Hi Kimlovesshoes love the name! And it's awesome that you can wear your heels😁! The only thing l can wear besides my sketchers are my cowboy boots. ☺ And l can get away without wearing my braces for a bit with them. Lol

    Welcome to the chat btw, seems that we are having alot of ppl joining today! We are happy to have any and all! Input!


  • Thank You Much! I wish I could wear them more often, but only if I'm with someone or in the car. If I am required to walk around for quite some time or a distance I am not able to wear them.

  • Love your name !!! Our God strength and grace will sustain us through it all👍STAY BLESSED!

  • Thank You Much! Same to you!

  • Kimlovesshoes, it's Fancy1959 welcoming you to our awesome chat room. I probably haven't been able to wear heels for close to 20 years. But then I'm possibly 20 years older than you. So if you can go for it! You have found a safe place to come ask questions, voice concerns, or even voice your fears. Our chat room is full of caring, kind, and compassionate people. The more you interact with us replying to post and making post and the more we interact with you the quicker we will get to know each other. I look forward to talking to you soon. In the meantime take care of yourself I would like you to please remember that together we are stronger.

  • Just want to reiterate the welcoming, Kimlovesshoes - so, yes, welcome to My MSAA Community! An excellent first post, and we hope you continue to engage more with this excellent online group.

    - John, MSAA

  • Hi Kimlovesshoes n welcome. Oh how I miss my heels! My youngest daughter wears them and I get jealous lol.

    Keep coming back.


  • Welcome Kimlovesshoes. I ditto what everyone else has said. Wish I could wear heels or pretty shoes. 👠

    You have a great attitude. I'm happy you've been blessed with a good doctor, too. 💕

  • Hi Kimlovesshoes I was diagnosed in 2010. Up till about 6-9 months ago I was able to wear any shoes that I wanted. I think it is great for you to wear whatever shoes you never know how long you'll be able to or if you'll be able to forever. I'm glad to see that you have a wonderful doctor. It is so great to know that only God can control this disease and our symptoms & he holds us in His hands through it all. That alone has definitely given me peace and helped my attitude through it all

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