Simple beauty

Simple beauty

I went to the most beautiful event last night. I was invited to a local grade school musical event that included the music and voices of (7-13 y.o.) school kids with harp (6) accompaniment in a small city art museum. It was unexpected and overwhelmingly refreshing and beautiful. Pure and true... it tapped into something really deep in my oft MS-cluttered brain. My current reminder, not to forget to LIVE Deep (in a more whole and pure way) 🌺 Appreciate the unexpected!

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  • Ebrod I started volunteering in the kindergarten class my daughter attended 11 years ago. I think being around young children brings out so much joy in people. The age of innocence and their desire to learn. I love being in there after a weekend, because they come in so excited to tell you what they did. This has lifted my spirits greatly. My 16 year old daughter loves when I come home with some wonderful stories. 😊

  • Often we are so wrapped up in our own way that we forget to appreciate the beauty that is around us. Glad that you enjoyed your evening and was able to appreciate the pure natural beauty. Blessings Jimeka

  • I'd like to mention something I'm involved with. There's a nearby Nursing Home. Every Wednesday some friends and I go there and from 10:00 to 11:00 do a music program. We've been doing this for years now. I play the piano and two friends play the recorder. Another friend is our Songbird - we call ourselves The Chickadees. For the first half hour we do old popular tunes - 20's, through 50's. The second half hour we play Jewish music. We play in the Dementia Day Room. The residents love it. For many decades this nursing home was exclusively Jewish, so we have an audience that knows and appreciates the Jewish music - It was tough to learn, but now that I know the tunes, it's like I grew up with it.

  • Ebrod what a reminder with such a simple statement. We all need to live life everyday, and stop to enjoy it. Thank you

    Jes 🎄

  • Thank you for posting. I'm tickled pink that you had such a lovely experience. There is still so much beauty to enjoy, especially when we look for it. One thing MS can do is make us savor precious time and beautiful things and beautiful-souled people. (I know that isn't a word, but if we hyphenate, it's legal, yes?)

  • Budgieman, I love that you do that! I grew up outside of NYC, something like that would be right up my alley! I do not play an instrument fluently but, I do have a good voice for Broadway, show tunes, etc.!!! Great idea. I think this would be fulfilling in 2017....🎭 Thank you!! Eliz

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