A friend of mine sent me this. I think it fits the bill! Enjoy! Sukie427

Inner Peace during election time

I'm passing this on because it worked for me today.

A doctor on TV said that in order to have inner peace in our lives after this election, we should always finish things that we start. Since we all could use more calm in our lives, I looked around my house to find things I'd started & hadn't finished.

I finished a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of wum, tha mainder of Valiuminun scriptins, an a box a choclutz. Yu has no idr how fablus I feel rite now.

Sned this to all ur frenz who need inner piss. An telum u luvum.

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  • Brilliant, it's really good to see you around again Suki and in such good spirits!!🍷🍸🍾 but don't forget the 🍫

  • LOL, Jimeka! Unfortunately, it doesn't take "spirits" to make me forgetful, and I really don't drink because of all the meds. I was on Demerol (tiny dose) in the hospital and then on Percocet when I got home after I broke my back, and they made me loopy enough! But like everyone else, I just keep on keeping on! My husband and I are actually going to Iceland next week to see the Aurora Borealis, which has been on both of our bucket lists forever. Hopefully it will appear and do its thing for us so we never have to go that far north again in the winter! Be well, my friend, and thanks for your kind words. Sukie

  • Oh Suki I would love to go to Iceland. My husband thinks it will be too cold for me . When I lived in Canada I saw the northern lights, incredible, I do hope you both enjoy it. Please let us know how your trip goes and maybe post a picture so we can all share in your bucket list. When do you go? God bless Jimeka

  • We're leaving on Friday for Seattle and then over on Sunday night. You don't live that far from there and it's supposed to be a really happening place! I will definitely post pics. I don't know about you, but I do much better in the cold! Bless you, too, my friend!

  • Oh Suki, Tutu lives near Seattle but she has just gone on holiday too. You could have said hello to each other. Anyway I will look forward to the photos, have a really good time, I hope you and your husband enjoy this special time together, πŸ™‹ πŸ™ ✈️ β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈ

  • Thanks. We certainly intend to!

  • Have a great time in Iceland Suki, I believe it's fabulous there. I'm still laughing!

  • Glad you enjoyed, Featherhead . I thought it was too funny not to pass it around! I will send pics!

  • Hi Sukie427

    Love the humor πŸ˜…

    Wow! The Aurora Borealis! Post a picture! A friend took prize winning black and white photos. They were amazing! I've only seen the northern lights in photos too jimeka but what a spectacle


  • I think that anyone who has seen the Northern Lights is extraordinarily lucky! Since it's a natural phenomenon, there is no guarantee that we'll get to see them, but hopefully we will. They are supposed to have entered a phase of real activity this year, but who knows? If we don't get to see them in Iceland, there's always Scandinavia or Barrow, Alaska! Your friend must be quite a photographer, Erash! I only have my phone or my little digital Cannon if I can find it. But I will do me best!

  • Omg Sukie427 :') :') that cracks me up thank you!

    I love the Northern Lights! I just saw them in Alaska tho. You will have a wonderful time in lceland tho, lm sure! Bring back pictures :)

  • Absolutely! And glad you liked the funny!

  • I have already sent this to 3 of my closest friends. It made me laugh out loud. Thank you for sharing. I think I'll go search for unfinished business, cheers!

  • Hi, bavery207 ! Hope you found a lot of unfinished business! I usually don't circulate stuff, but that one was too good to pass up! Glad you enjoyed it--I laughed out loud, too!

  • Suki 427 well thanks for that, I had a feally good laugh and feel 100% better already. Hope I'm posting this in the right box.I enjoy reading H.U. I live in Ireland. We just had a very cold spell. Since being diagnosed I find it hard to tolerate the cold.

  • Hi, Featherhead! Where in Ireland do you live? I flew into Dublin and then went up to Bre on business while I was still working. It was in May 2012 and it was one of the wettest and coldest Mays I've ever spent! I didn't like the dampness, but I have found that I do much better in the cold. We used to live in South Florida and the combination of the heat and the humidity was killing me. We moved here to Northern Arizona a year ago and I love the change of seasons. And the dryness is such a blessing! I really want to go back to Ireland, but in the summer, and probably on the Shannon side, because I didn't get to do or see anything! I was locked in my hotel room with my psycho client for the whole week trying to get a brief done before the Arbitrator dismissed her case! Not fun at all. Although I did manage to grab a few hours, and my husband and I took the train to Kildare to see the Irish National Stud--what beautiful horses and gardens!

  • Well Suki427 sometimes the weathere is awful here. I suppose we are an exposed little island,quite beautiful too.I live in the north west and moved house this year out of the sticks , am now very near a town which I love.I dont know my American geography so I'll look up Arizona. Yes it's nice to have the seasons.This year we had a most fabulous Autumn, dry ,sunny,crisp, very unusual in Ireland. I enjoyed my visits to New York. The people who bought my house in the sticks are from Portland,Oregon. How are you getting on with your ms?

  • Just to save you some time, Arizona is in the southwestern US just east of southern California. We live about 90 minutes from the Grand Canyon, which is absolutely stunning. My MS is certainly better here than it was in FL because it gets cold here in the winter (avg. temp is in 50s during the day but since it's high desert it gets very cold at night) and it's dry all year long. I can take heat (it is usually in the 80s here during the summers but last summer it got into the 100s and cools down at night) without the humidity but the 100s are still the 100s and I stay in the air conditioning on those days. I'd still rather have the 100s with no humidity than the 80s with 100% humidity. I am on Tecfidera, and have been since it was approved for use in the US which I think was in 2012 some time (we're always the last to approve anything) and while it's been keeping the lesions at bay, I do get flares every 4-6 months or so, and my last relapse which required treatment was at the end of May and was brought on solely by stress. No new lesions, though, so that is good. I can still feel the disease progressing, though. The fatigue is getting worse, as is my cognition, although that might be a combination of age and the MS, who knows? I also fall a lot, which scares me since I've had this stupid broken back. I did fall the other day but didn't do any further damage, I don't think. How about you? Are you on a DMT, and what do you take for relapses? How are your symptoms?

  • Thank you Suki , the falls would be very frightening. Should you be using a stick for support and balance ? This ms is so unpredictable - we never know what it will do to us next. It is positive that your mri showed no new lesions . Do you have an annual mri ? I am taking Copaxone inj 3 times weekly and am tolerating it well, also no new lesions. Cog fog and fatigue a nuisance we really have to pace ourselves, no choice. Are you more inclined to fall when you are tired or is it just a random thing? What way do the flares affect you ? I was only diagnosed ealier this year, slurred speech, weakness, cog impairment no relapses yet ( touch wood ). Declined steroids at the time. I had two aunts and a first cousin with ms , must be genetic, I hope that today is a good day for you and that you had no further falls.

  • Thanks, Featherhead. The falls are frightening, but they're all from that rotten lesion right on my brain stem and more lesions on the spine; in fact, I have more on my spine than in my brain. I do walk with a cane, and my physical therapist advised using a walker when I get tired. I can't say that I am more likely to fall when I'm tired. It just happens, out of the blue. Here the docs do MRIs every 6 months. I call the flares mini-relapses. The numbness and tingling get worse, and I get tremors, but they are way easier and less than what comes with a relapse. With a relapse, my signals get all crossed; i.e. I will ask my left leg to move and the right leg moves. I get horribly spastic and can't control my muscles at all, and that's when I just crumple up like a rag doll and fall in a heap. My head shakes, my tongue and lips get numb, and sometimes I become paralyzed and start to drool. Can't walk or hold anything, and I usually get dizzy, too. Lots of fun--having a relapse turns me into Jethro Tull's Aqualung--I look just like the picture on the album cover except I don't grow a beard! I can control a flare with Lyrica or Ativan; no controlling a relapse without Acthar Gel.

    My mom had MS, mostly in the form of oculitis. My cousin says that he remembers her being otherwise symptomatic one time, but I don't remember that. I have read some studies that have concluded that MSis genetic; there are certain alleles on at least 19 different genes that all have to line up in order to trigger the disease. Can you imagine the odds? I wish I had that kind of luck at Monte Carlo!

    Hope that you are having a good day today, and that it continues!

  • Thanks Suki, I must look up that Acthar gel and see what it is. The picture you paint of yourself with the relapse is funny but I know it would feel dreadful. I think that post you put up about peace after election is brilliant. A good laugh helps us along too. You should be using the walker if it prevents falls, ok if you could be sure of a soft landing but floor or furniture isn't always! Take care

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