What more we might wish for from this community?

I'm wondering if MSAA might be able to tweak some of the technical challenges we have encountered here? Below are a few things that I would find helpful. Please add if you have other suggestions and perhaps one of the admins can bring to MSAA or HealthUnlocked.

1. More icons besides the thumbs up button (like FB new additions that allow acknowledgement of sad, funny agreement etc.)

2. The ability to add photos to replies rather than just initial posts.

3. The ability to add more than one photo to a post

4. A better search feature (or maybe I'm just tech challenged)

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  • erash you do understand it's only 530 AM right hahaha

  • Community ambassador! Hooray! Jesmcd2

  • Lol thank you erash

  • Yoo-hoo!!! Yay for Jesmcd2 ! πŸŽ‰

    I'd add the @ sign explanation before a name, but I FINALLY figured that out. Maybe it's just me. Scarecrows are a bit slower, you know. πŸ˜‰ But I don't think it works following a comma or such?

  • Tutu thank you :) and l always put a space between the comma, @ ? Seems to work for me :D

  • Thanks!

  • Yuppers, hey lm still learning too. :D

  • Those are good points and l will make notes to ask erash l like them !

  • Jesmcd2 thanks! And good idea Tutu about the @

    Please understand I am crazy about this site and these are techie suggestions to make it perhaps better

  • Thank you for the constructive criticism & feedback, erash - very helpful!

    As you mentioned, these are tech suggestions and are best suited for the great folks at HealthUnlocked who house the whole platform where My MSAA Community resides. I'll make sure to pass this HU wishlist on to them - Vesa at HU: take a look at the comments brought up here, thanks!

    We love this site just as much as all of you do, so thank you for going on this journey with us as we work with HealthUnlocked to make your online community time here as easy to navigate as possible!

    - John, MSAA

  • johnMSAA thanks! 😊

  • Hi erash,

    Talking from the HU team!

    So, our tech team are basically always working and making lots of small improvements to the site. Many of these improvements are not visible to users, but they make the site function better on different browsers and platforms or are preparation to make the site work better in the future, as we grow and have more users. Because of this, we have a process in place in which we try and prioritise the most important things to improve on the site.

    We actually have most of your suggestions on our to-do list, because they have been requested in the past, but some less essential things take a little longer for us to get round to. However, we are so so appreciative of your feedback, and the more feedback we get about certain things, the better the ideas we have about what it valued most by our users (and therefore gets more priority). I will pass on this feedback to our product team and they will take it on board.

    You can always send us feedback directly where we are better able to see it by filling out this form: support.healthunlocked.com/...[custom_contact_options]=Feedback

    I hope this helps!


  • Vesa thanks so much for your reply, for letting us know you've heard our feedback and most of all for providing this wonderful platform for us to share our challenges and victories! πŸ‘

  • I answered someone and it didn't show up! A working program would be helpful!

  • mrsmike9buffering I sorry that you had that problem. I know that it has happened to one other that I'm aware of.

    If you put an @ in front of the person your addressing, no spaces, before or after, and see if that works. If not please message me and we will go from there.

    Jes 🌠

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