We've reached some major milestones!

We've reached some major milestones!

I'm sure you've all seen these as soon as you logged on today...but...our My MSAA Community family has:

* Surpassed 1500 followers!

* Surpassed 1200 posts!

We're proud (but not necessarily shocked) to say that My MSAA Community has some of the highest amounts of engagement out of ANY of HealthUnlocked's newer online communities! So, while we may not have thousands and thousands of followers (we're still a young community, friends!), it seems like the members we do have here really enjoy interacting with each other. I'm sure you'll all agree :)

Shout out to Fancy1959 and Jesmcd2 for helping us keep up such a close-knit community!

- John, MSAA

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  • Congratulations John, and thanks to all who have become my new family and friends. Just knowing that we share this MS and are helping each other keeps me going some days.

  • That is great! I have really enjoyed this group.

  • Fancy1959 and Jesmcd2 you guys are the BEST! 🏆

    jimeka thank you for the birthday greetings and frequent "funnies" that make us start our day with a smile 😊

    So glad to be surrounded by so many kind and thoughtful people 💕

    And thank you johnMSAA for keeping tabs on us 🕶

  • Aw Thank You guys. But it's like l always say, It Takes Everyone Here to Make it Work! So Thank You!🌠

  • It takes a village to raise a family...it takes a family to raise a village - or Community! Either way, we couldn't do it without each other, friends! :)

    - John, MSAA

  • I love our little family on here!

  • I feel as though I have extended family here. Thanks to all who make it possible by providing and maintaining the site, as well as to those who contribute ideas, support, and good laughs!

  • AMAZING...yet I am not amazed at all. Each and everyone of you have made this possible! A big shout out to John who made this all possble and who had the forsight to partner me with Jessmcd2 as your Community Ambassadors. I couldn't do it without them! Now let's set our sights on 2,000 members so keep spreading the word about what a wonderful gem and resource our not so little chat room is! Remember together we are stronger! THANK-YOU FOR BEING YOU!🤗

  • I sure agree johnMSAA ! Everyone here is great to talk to and when my family or friends aren't understanding, I run here! I feel welcome, understood and accepted! AND Fancy1959 and Jesmcd2 are awesome!

  • Glad you've enjoyed your time on here, Taylorsmom ! And we also think our Community Ambassadors Fancy1959 & Jesmcd2 are quite awesome!

    - John, MSAA

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