Vote for MS Conversations blog on Healthline - UPDATE: today is the LAST DAY!

Vote for MS Conversations blog on Healthline - UPDATE: today is the LAST DAY!

Exciting news for all readers of our "MS Conversations" blog: has nominated us as one of the "Best Health Blogs" of 2016!

They have a contest going to vote for your favorite blogs across the country...and MS Conversations is included in the final nominations! If anyone is a fan of our blog, you can vote for us here:

There are more than 380 blogs participating (so many blogs in the world!), so, once you are at the site, search "ms association" and we'll come right up for you to select.

Thanks in advance for voting if you can!

John, MSAA

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  • I have just voted, there is a £1000 first prize, but there is a long way to go, my vote was no10, so everybody get voting, please

  • YESSSS!!!! Thank you kindly, jimeka !

  • Just voted.😊

  • You get to vote ever 24 hrs everone! Let's keep this going and at the top of the news feed to remind everyone!


  • Good early morning to this chat room's extended family. Our Director, JohnMSAA, has asked that we checkout the MS Blog and vote if we can. I've got to tell you he, too, must be as sleep deprived as i often am! Everyone needs to take the time to 1. Support John's request, 2. Read this MS Blog, "Girl Living With MS". It is an extremely informative and well written blog. As, i often say, information is our friend and so is this MS Blog. If, for some reason you don't like the blog, don't vote for it, but at least check it out! JohnMSAA has given us much, the least we can do is checkout this blog as he's requested! Good reading! Fancy1959

  • Fancy1959 we want to vote for MSAA though :)

  • When you click on the link, type in MSAA and it will take you right to the MSAA Blog, we need ALOT more votes plz! We have 10 :'(

  • Done

  • I was vote 18!

  • Thanks to all who voted for MSAA in this contest already! But today is the LAST DAY to vote...AND you can vote again if you haven't already today!

    (once there, search "msaa" to find us)

    - John, MSAA

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