Only 2 More Days of Thanks!

Only 2 More Days of Thanks!

Yesterday I watched as an artist painted this on a window. I was amazed at her talent. She did this all freehand!

I don't have her artistic ability, nor can I paint, knit, crochet, braid, latch hook, or create beautiful desserts like so many of you here can. But today I am thankful for the ability to appreciate it all.

With Christmas coming, I know many of you will be gifting others with your creative talents. Please continue to share your pictures! πŸ’•

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  • Thank you for sharing lovely words and such a beautiful picture and such a beautiful view!

  • Tutu you have a beautiful way with words and kindness and that is a priceless talent πŸ’•

  • Tutu, thank you for sharing, you certainly have been blessed with the gift of encouragement, blessings Jimeka 🌈

  • Tutu, thank you! Your words express your beauty! :)

  • The artist was very talented! But there's only one Tutu and we have her! You are very much a vital member of this group and I appreciate your kind words of encouragement, caring and understanding!

  • Thank you all, but I promise my intention was not to solicit compliments! I just feel blessed to be a member of this multi-talented group.

    I believe God gifts everyone with at least one talent. Mine have changed over the years. And today, while I may not be able to do what I used to do or would love to be able to do, I truly am thankful for you who provide such beautiful creations that I find so much pleasure viewing. Thank you for sharing it!!!

  • Dawn, I am no longer able to do any small motor things, either, so you have my empathy! So glad I never wore makeup ~ I'd end up looking like one very scary clown. Having a friend help me make drapes for downstairs. Need her to hold fabric, measure it, & I'll sew it! That I can do!!

    I've been off the computer pretty much since Thanksgiving. My son cooked us a bang up Thanksgiving dinner & I was bad-mouthing him. I'm co-dependent & seem to feel if my desires (demands?) are not addressed as I seem to require, there's no love. Not depressed, just skippy cold & I don't type well with cold fingers. I don't know where you live, but in Central Calif., homes aren't built for extreme temps . . . 32 at night is COLD! Have a flax seed hand warmer, but it's on my lap & my hands aren't. Making numerous typos & was considering Dragon Speak, I believe it's called. Have any used it or any other voice-to-computer programs so you could give a recommendation? Would appreciate any info.


  • Bea, you have a heater in your house, I hope!! I didn't realize it got that cold where you are. Are you near the mountains?

    We're still hovering around the 40s at night where I live in Western Washington. The pass, about 3 hours away, has snow, though.

    However, we just left San Diego (just landed in Seattle and I'd much rather chat with you than watch my husband drive through traffic for the next couple of hours) and it was quite nippy at night there. But still, quite lovely.

    So happy you ended up with a Thanksgiving feast. πŸ¦ƒ

    I don't use the Daragon software, but I have a friend with MS who does. He's used it for years and really likes it. I hope others here can fill in more for you on that. πŸ’•

  • Thanks, Dawn, We can chat. I have family in LaConner, Oak Harbor, and a friend in Nordland(?) but we've been on the outs the past three years. She also has MS & was dealing with memory loss & told me, "We're coming to visit!" each time we spoke or emailed. I've really been off track today, more so than usual. So, where do you call home? Good to know of his success w/Dragon. I used to work for two attorneys, but I'm typing one-handed because my core muscles are nonexistent. Lost the war when my caregiver would forget to help me with them.

    Drive (or watch ) carefully,


  • Nordland (Marrowstone Island) is really close to us! Know where Port Ludlow is?πŸ’•

  • Can't say as I do. I took a ferry from Whidbey Island & drove a ways to see them. Lovely area. Are you close to Puget Sound? Take ferries or do you go north -- well, that doesn't seem possible since it's lots of water, not many bridges. My friends' property is at the edge & right on the water. Beautiful home. Pete built it & used lumber from the trees they cut down to make room for their home, shop, RV storage, etc.

    How do you get the emoji's? I'm on a desk top & don't have access to them. Inquiring minds want to know.

    Hope you're close to home, Dawn. Time for me to eat dinner.

    Goodnight, Bea

  • Yes, I have heat, but I don't seem able to regulate my personal temp well. It's 73 down here, but I have a two-story home and don't want to support the utility co. Last month's elec/gas was only $140, but our hot summers of 40+ triple-digit temps it's just under $375 or sometimes more. Also, I have a flax seed hand warmer, a blanket over my legs & a shawl over my upper arms. Seems my upper arms feel the cold most, after my hands. My feet are cold as well, but I have no sensation of it. Bad enough my hands, I can reach them, my feet? Not so much. I'm in a power wheelchair 'cuz I'm a parapleigic from the waist down - LOL Guess you can't be a para from the waist up. I'm rambling, Dawn. How long before you get home? I'm in Central CA, about three hours west of Yosemite, my favorite place in the world. Wish I could get someone to take me - it's been almost ten months & ex-hubby & I used to go in Feb. for snow, May for flowering dogwoods & the falls, & Oct. for our anniversary & fall pics. I can still take photos, which has always been important to me. Do you work or have any hobbies?


  • Our oldest son lives in Brentwood, CA east of SF. His summer a/c bills are high too. He recently installed solar and that helps a lot.

    Do you live out in the middle of nowhere? Or near a larger city? We've never been to Yosemite.

    I haven't worked since MS hit in late 1991. I had my own business then. I waited a year, but the balance, vertigo, falls didn't improve after a year, so I closed it down. That first relapse lasted 2-1/2 years. After I felt better, I volunteered. Then another bad relapse. I tried office work after that, but cognitive issues prevented me from doing that. Had to quit. I volunteered some more, but haven't done anything in the past 18 months. It's been a rough year or two.

    Hobbies have changed due to my abilities. I have a journalism background and would love to write again, but haven't been able to for 2+ years due to MS cognitive issues. So... I've just begun watching football with my husband and enjoy that. Crossword puzzles are new too. And I always love spending time with my grandkids. My husband just retired in May, so we spend a lot of time together. Sometimes that's a good thing. πŸ˜‰

    Taken any photos lately? (Maybe your son will take you to Yosemite?) I remember said they're on your computer and you don't know how to get them onto the forum from your computer.

    Hmm...I'm probably the WORST person to try to walk you thru this, but I will try. I'm not positive it will work, but, If you get on forum from your computer, try this:

    Copy one of your photos stored on your computer.

    Then open/start a new post in the forum. Type in your heading/title. Then in the next box, your text. Below that, is a box you can click on to add a photo. Click on that box. Then paste your photo there.

    I hope that works. If not, maybe someone here can better instruct you! I hope so, because we'd love to see and enjoy sharing in your hobby.

    Goodness, talk about going on and on...😬 πŸ’•

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