One more little bit of humor to laugh at myself

You know you have MS fog when...

Your electric bill was $2000 because you rely on the wrinkle cycle on your dryer.

You feel elated that you remember all of your children's name, even though he's an only child.

You have 10 cell phones, 9 of which don't work because they went through the laundry.

You just let the cat out

...of the refrigerator.


You like autocorrect.

You find 38 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in your cupboard.

Your two-year-old has a better vocabulary than you.

Your dog has a better vocabulary than you.

You wish life were like paint-by-number.

I'll bet you all can add to the list.

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  • Brilliant, you've got me thinking now and I should be sleeping.

    I paid the same bill twice within a hour of paying it the first time. Whoops I've yet to tell my husband,

  • Oh yes, greaterexp can I add to this list. You know you have MS when.....

    1. Told your husband you'd start the dishwasher as soon as you put the last cup in. The cup goes in and guess what the dishwasher doesn't get started.

    2. You walk into the bathroom four separate times to get your phone. On the 4th time you remember you didn't leave it in the bathroom at all it's in the kitchen.

    3. You had at least 5 ideas for this list, but they simply disappeared!

  • Love my anti crease setting on my dryer, big fan of spellcheck too !

    Gave up with mobile phone - couldn't remember to charge up/take with me/not leave it somewhere while out !

    I would add : You sit down together to watch TV, see someone familiar and play the 'Oh, I know his/her face' name guessing game, finally looking it up on the internet in desperation.

    Your dog has learned to prompt you when the water bowl needs refilling.

    You wash the same batch of laundry again because you just found it in the washer, less than fresh, 2 days later.

    You walk into a room, stand nonplussed for a minute trying to recall why you went in there, then walk out again.

    You find a surprise congealed food item in the microwave - you had a feeling something was missing off your plate last night.

    You come indoors after working in the garden and try to wash your hands with the gardening gloves still on.

    You arrive at work and your supervisor reminds you that you booked holiday leave. You go home again.

    You have invested heavily in 'post its'.

    You discover duplicates of items when putting your shopping away but still don't have any toilet roll.

    You have a book for names, addresses and telephone numbers - you have included your own : )

  • Love it, a shame it happens

  • To be honest, I credit the suspected brain infection 4 years ago with the major battering of memory and concentration and tinnitus. The physical stuff that followed on from that I am now thinking was possible MS, especially after relapse of the same symptoms. I got very frustrated and embarrassed at first with the cognitive deficits but soon learned to accept, adapt, shrug and laugh things off : ) x

  • Love it, it all happens. *sigh* lol notes notes everywhere hahaha if it's not in 3 places it doesn't exist :D

  • Angelite can sooo relate: "You walk into a room, stand nonplussed for a minute trying to recall why you went in there, then walk out again."

    Adding, spent 20 min looking for my eye glasses and find them in the kitchen trash can?

  • Lol.....

  • MS is reading a post and all the responses one day, laughing at some, brought to tears in others, then clicking 'like' following them. You rediscover those same posts the next day (meaning you think you are reading them for the FIRST time 🙄), laugh and cry again, and don't realize your error until you press the 'like' button and it subtracts your apparent 'like' from the day before! Oh, well, who needs new posts when you can read the same ones over and over again, not realizing you're doing so!!

  • Too shay Tutu x

  • ☺️

  • I do that alllllll the time! Lol :)

  • Good to know I'm not the only one! So does your little 🔔 go dark when I remove my 'like,' then quickly illuminate again when I re-'like' it? Just wondering. 😅

  • I have no clue Tutu lol lm always dbl clicking the like button. I'm going to have to try it sometime lolol :D

    BTW l need a chart to keep track of everyone, and l know your making one. So share women! :)

  • Still working on it! My trail of post-it notes is growing! Ha!

  • I've used little pieces of paper to help me remember, at least in theory; I am constantly forgetting where I put them. It's time to get a little more tech-savvy and keep my notes on my phone. Ah, the joys of fog!

  • Tutu and greaterexp ya'll need to make me a spreadsheet :D hahaha

  • My husbandasked me how that was coming. 😉 I'm hoping I can collect my thoughts and post it notes next week and really get down to it!!

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