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As I'm lying here in my bed reading the posts from this group, I have to keep adjusting my position because the sheets and covers are hurting my skin. I've noticed over the last few years that I have a harder time with being touched or hugged by anyone, wearing clothes that feel like they're strangling me and sheets and bedding touching my skin. I sometimes wake up and my face is hurting so bad and the skin feels like it's on fire. My children get their feelings hurt because I don't like them to hug me. I try to explain it's not them,but they don't get it. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • Good morning Judi4 are you taking anything for it? I can't remember. Do you have Fibromylga? Gabapentin or Lyrica seems to drug of choice of Dr's. Have you talked to your Dr about it?

  • Jesmcd2 Yes, I do have fibromyalgia. I'm not on any medication at this point. I go back next March and will let the doctor know what's been going on. As I mentioned in other posts, my sister was also diagnosed with MS and she has some of these same issues, only she doesn't have fibromyalgia. So this is why I was curious if other people have this.

  • Judi4 l wouldn't wait til March, no way. Go see you PCP, he will be able to help you with that. We have enough to deal with, why deal with something that might be fixable? I have been on both gabapentin and Lyrica, unfortunately they didn't work for me, but they might for you. :) You don't want to miss out on hugs. ♡

  • Jesmcd2 No I wouldn't, you are right.😆 Thank you.

  • I am on Lyrica and Cymbalta and it helps a lot. The pain isn't as much 'outward' as 'inward'. . . if that makes any sense.

  • I dont like my clothes to touch me nor my sheets. For me Nuerontin helps. Good luck. See if you can get in to the doctor sooner or go talk with your family doctor.

  • Yes, I have that, but thought it was Fibromyalgia. They both seem to have so many similar symptoms.

    My now x-husband used to feel the same way as your children. He was afraid to hug or touch me because sometimes I would cringe or gasp.

    So sorry you have to deal with that. Wish there was a magic wand to fix you right up.

  • Thanks everyone for your kind words and helpful information.😊

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