Another new member, wondering where you're from?

Another new member, wondering where you're from?

Hi! I'm Linda, and I was diagnosed in May, 2000. I just retired from teaching since 1980, and I run an antique store, make jewelry, grow succulents, and have a small pack of rescued critters (three dogs and four cats.)

I took this picture near where I live, in Alamosa, which is in southern Colorado. Such a lovely time of year! If you feel like it, share where you live!

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  • Hi Linda, fantastic photo, reminds me of the falls I used to experience when I lived in Canada, the colours are so rich. I live in the uk and have now for the past 28 years, but the fall is not as picturesk (can't spell) as in your photo. Welcome to this site, hope you find it as welcoming as I have. Jimeka

  • Thank you for the kind welcome, Jimeka! Do you get a lot of rain in the UK? We get very little: less than 8 inches in an average year. Linda

  • We haven't had any rain for a couple of months. The land was so dry and dusty my husband hasn't been able to sow for next year. Now it won't stop raining and the land is too wet. My husband is a farmer, so we are dependent on the weather. I used to help him but no longer, I am a liability now, cannot drive tractors any more, just have to watch others do it, and reminisce , that's one thing ms hasn't robbed and that's the memories. I can still smile at those like I hope we all can.

  • Jimeka,

    What part of the UK are you in? I've lived in Southport, Stockport, Wales and two areas of London.

    Anne :-)

  • I live in north Lincolnshire, between Goole and Scunthorpe. I bet you loved living in Wales, I spent a lot of time in Wales, walking the hills and climbing. What were you doing in uk? Or are you from here?

  • Unfortunately, I don't remember when I lived in Wales at all... I was just a baby!!! Then my family moved to the U.S. and, when I was 18, I went back to live and work in the U.K. (Southport). I then moved to Stockport and then London (Willesden Green and then Finchley, where I lived-in and helped run a meditation center). In 1980 I returned to the U.S. (Massachusetts) until my MS diagnosis in 1990, after which I moved to Tucson.

    I still have relatives in Wales and have visited them many times. They are in the Pontypridd/Abercynon area (South Wales). It is beautiful there - South AND North Wales - as well as the rest of the U.K. I also have friends in Stockport.

    I really miss the U.K. and have thought many times about moving back there. My aunt and friends tell me it's changed drastically and VERY expensive though.

    What's kept you in the U.K. for 28 years? Do you ever get back over here?

    Anne :-)

  • I was born and educated in the uk. I married my first husband in 1977 and emigrated to Canada where he worked for Ontario Hydro, I had just qualified as a teacher, but love over ruled. I lived in several different parts until I had 2 children and moved back to the uk, got divorced and later married a life long friend who happens to be a farmer. I came from an established farming family so this farming life is not new to me. I had another son and now, 3 children and 2 grandsons and one on the way, life goes on. I was in Canada for 12 years, loved every minute of it, saw a lot of the states and Mexico. Now flying is a problem so I would have to be really drugged up to fly to the US, now. I would like to visit Niagra falls with my husband. I would like him to see something so magnificent. Anyway if you are ever coming this way, let me know, and maybe we could meet up. Cheers Jimeka

  • It's a deal! I'd love to visit my aunt and friends sometime as well! And if you're ever 'drugged up' enough to fly to the U.S., please come and visit me! ;-)

    When I was married, before the MS diagnosis, we dreamed of having a farm or smallholding and being self-sufficient. Since then, it seems that every step I've taken has led me further away from that dream! You are so fortunate!


  • God blesses us all in different ways, it's whether we can realise it or not. Please keep in touch.

  • I'm from Las Vegas, NV and my pictures are nowhere near as nice as yours. Beautiful trees, I miss trees, all that's here are cactus, Joshua trees and rocks.

  • Hi Shelly, Cactus and succulents are some of my most favorite things! We usually go to Tucson in February for the rock show, and it is so beautiful in the desert. Linda

  • Hi, Linda, and welcome! I am from Sedona, AZ where every season is awesome! Southern CO is beautiful, too!

  • Hi Sukie,

    I've been to Sedona and it is so lovely! Thanks for the kind welcome.


  • Sukie,

    You're so lucky... Sedona is the place where all my friends in Tucson want to live! It's gorgeous there! (but very expensive, right?)


  • Arkansas

  • I LOVE fall. It's my favorite time of year. 🍂🍁We have spectacular falls in Western Washington (I live outside of the Seattle area), but Colorado does too. (I lived in CO Springs years ago). Your picture is beautiful! I still haven't figured out how to get a picture on here. Maybe my husband can help me. 😊

  • I'm in Florida where trees become confused and their leaves don't change color. They just fall to the ground with a cold spell and then start blooming the following week when temperatures begin rising again.. I miss the autumn (grew up in upstate NY). Keep the beautiful pics coming 😎

  • I've never been to Florida either! My son says I'm reaching the age where I have to move to either Florida or Arizona :-)

  • HUMID in Florida! DRY in Arizona... and no alligators! LOL! :-)

  • Where upstate erash ?

  • Rochester. It was a great place to grow up but glad I don't have to deal with the winters anymore.

  • That's a beautiful picture, Linda.

    I grew up in Colorado and Wyoming, but moved to the Dallas Texas area 40 years ago. We're still experiencing summer like weather right now, although the nights are getting cooler now.

  • A lot of Texans summer here and then go home when cold weather settles in. I'd love to be a snow bird!

  • In a small town outside of Denver, Colorado. It is beautiful here. 😊

  • Hi neighbor!

  • Hello!

  • Hi Linda, nice to meet you. I'm Jes and live in SW NY so the trees are looking like that here. Although it's beautiful, l cant stand it. It's just a reminder that the cold and pain is coming back. Sry for being a spoil sport. :)

  • Yeah, I love fall but I dread what's coming next. The cold is really difficult.

  • I I'm from Oregon and it is storming right now so no pictures from me but I love it here. Mountains, Ocean and valleys and all kinds of weird weather.

  • My sister-in-law lives in Springfield, OR, and I hope to make it out there someday. I've seen lots of gorgeous pictures!

  • Hello, Linda, Upstate South Carolina. Our leaves are slowly changing and the weather cooler. Still running A/C on afternoon and ceiling fans. The problem with Fibro and OA, need the temps to stay a little more even and not up and down. Still nice to have the change. Love the photo you posted. Mary

  • SC is another place I've never had the chance to visit. Our temperatures swing wildly. Today it's supposed to go from 79 to 41 degrees. You have to dress in layers!

  • Same here, lol. We call it "Indian Summer"! Haven't a clue where the name came about. Yes, definitely dress n layers, but all sooo much better than the heat and humidity. Have a great day.

  • Linda - Welcome toour group! I'm Jacqui and I currently live in Salt Lake City UT. I am originally from The Tri-Cities Washington (Eastern Washington) and my husband is from Whidbey Island Washington. Love your picture!

  • I can see Whitney Island from where I live on the Olympic Peninsula!

  • Hi, Jacqui, I have family in Oak Harbor! Small world, isn't it? I used to get an MS magazine that listed contributing editors and there was someone in Oak Harbor. I couldn't remember to try to look her up when I was visiting there, though. Love the area and views of Puget Sound. Had family in Kennewick, too!

    Hang in there, Jacqui,


  • Hi, Linda ~ I'd been to Kennewick numerous times when family lived there -- lots of openness. I have other family in Oak Harbor on Whidbey. Small world, huh? I'm in Central CA, Fresno area. Hate the heat, but COL is worth the heat, I guess.

    I have PPMS, dx'd 2/17/89 AT 11:30 A.M. Yes, down to the hour. First symptoms followed a hysterectomy in 1984, with leg spasticity, which is still an issue. All symptoms: numbness of hands, leg weakness (now power wheelchair-bound), bladder/bowel problems, the typical basket full of multiple issues, have simply increased in intensity, but no new ones in 32 years. Dexterity is becoming a real problem and driving me bonkers. I'm grateful for a positive mental attitude, not having vision problems other than cataracts due to age, and sense of humor! Oh, this site is helpful, as well.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Linda!


  • Hi Linda,

    BEAUTIFUL photo! I'm in Massachusetts below Boston right now and the trees are turning all sorts of colors! It's beautiful, but winter's on the way and, even though that's beautiful too, I hate the cold and ice!

    I consider my 'home' to be Tucson, Arizona, as I moved there in 1990 and only came back to MA a couple of years ago to take care of my mom.

    I've lived in Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Arizona and Wales, U.K. (as well as three locations in the U.K. over a ten-year period).

    Welcome to this weird and wonderful family! Hope all is well with you!

    Anne :-)

  • Hi Anne,

    I love Tucson and look forward to coming down in Feb. for the rock show. I don't know if I could handle it in the summer though! Someday when I'm rich (ha!), I will spend my winters there and my summers here. Dream on!


  • Linda, welcome! I'm in Central CA, by Fresno. We had 40+ triple-digit temps this summer. MS doesn't like high temps. At least it's dry heat, right? During the summer I'm a boneless chicken, and a wooden soldier in the winter. Neither is comfortable. I have PPMS and was dx'd 2/17/89, but had symptoms for five years following a hysterectomy. I'm 74 and am wheelchair-bound. Not bad, as far as I'm concerned, but we each take what we can of this disease, and leave what we can't. Welcome to the site.


  • I was diagnosed in the same year as my hysterectomy. I wonder about the hormonal changes and how they impact MS.

    You have a lot of hot weather to deal with! We rarely get triple digits, but the summers are getting hotter. Not a good thing.


  • Hi, Linda, My take on my hysterectomy (1984) being the catalyst to bring MS to the forefront was that I was put under general anesthesia (GA) and it's my understanding that the GA dampens the central nervous system, which is where the MS resides. Didn't have an issue with the hormonal changes, in fact my experience ~~ brain farts are the bane of my existence! ~~ was minimal with few hot flashes. The spasticity reared it's ugly head within a few days of my surgery, my legs shot out stiffly with the same force as when giving birth and it's time to push the baby out! That force is still with me. The saving grace, however, is that the stiffness is released quickly. Being as I have PPMS, my symptoms have increased in intensity, not in new ones. It's never a matter of, "I've arranged to go on a cruise/attend a wedding/go to a seminar/start classes, etc.," and then get blindsided with a symptom I don't know how to handle. My 32-year relationship with MS has been a slow downward spiral, but not a disparaging one. My life is what it is; not many complaints. Not none, just not many - LOL !

    Have a good day, Linda, and don't let the weather get you down!


  • You have a beautiful attitude, Bea. Thanks. I needed to hear what you shared.

  • Thanks, Tutu! Been dealing with PPMS 32 years now & feel strongly that a positive mental attitude and sense of humor are vital to my stability. Oh, & not getting on 'puter every day, too !


  • Hey! We are twins. I was also diagnosed May of 2000. Must have been a special year! And I was in the process of getting a teaching degree at the time. MS changed that but I have been a substitute teacher instead for about ten years.

  • Hi Stacy,

    We do have some stuff in common, don't we? 2000 seems like a very long time ago.

    Hugs, Linda

  • My son lives in Golden. He has sent me some beautiful photos. What a gorgeous place y'all live in!!!

    Oh, I'm from the central Appalachian mountains, in Virginia.

  • I've never been to Virginia, but I know it's beautiful out there too!

  • Hi everyone! I grew up in Michigan and lived there until 10 years ago, then I came to Indiana to teach. I met a great man here and we live in the country where I can move as slow as I want. Would love to travel everywhere!

  • Hi Linda-glad you're here. I'm in Wichita, KS--returning after 18 years in NC. Came back for family but soon we're going to just have to do us. I LOVE the mountains and have wanted badly to get to Colorado. Need it to not be so hot that I'm housebound all summer like I am here. Just hard to know what places are really like when you can't go, go, go til you find IT!!! It's 93*, 3:30p, September 14! Ugh!

  • Orange Co, California (very few oranges left but we have a great tree in our back yard.

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